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Support Charlies Angels (Johnnys yellow bracelet) and get one for yourself

Posting an email forwarded by a family friend of the Dina's in case anyone is interested in supporting the cause Johnny supports by wearing the yellow bracelet and that he discussed on the Heisman ceremony show.


Congratulations on a great season and Johnny winning the Heisman.  On the off chance you were watching the presentation Saturday night, you would have noticed the Yellow Bracelet and Johnny’s kind words about young Charlie Dina’s fight with cancer.  The Dina’s are good friends of ours and they are truly in a battle.  Johnny has family in our neighborhood and connected with Charlie.  Johnny has been awesome with Charlie and he’s an official member of Charlie’s Angels.  Johnny has promised to visit Charlie with the Heisman trophy.
If you want to get the same bracelet Johnny wears and become one of Charlie’s Angels, please see below.
Here’s a note from Charlie’s Dad:

As you can see, God has elevated Charlie's story for His glory. If you would like to get a Charlie’s Angels bracelet please send an email with your address, bracelet size (Mens, Women, Toddler) and number of bracelets to Michelle Payne (Michelle1Payne@aol.com) and the Charlie's Angels team will happily mail them to you.

We are asking in lieu of payment to us, please feel free to make a donation to the Charlie M. Dina Fund.

You can make a donation in one of 3 ways:

1. BY MAIL: Cash or by check made out to Charlie M. Dina and mailed to Renee Ash: 13519 Kingsride, Houston, TX 77079

2. BY DEPOSIT: Made directly at any Wells Fargo bank - notify the bank teller to make a donation to the Charlie M. Dina fund and they will know where to deposit.

3. BY ONLINE PAYMENT: Go to www.paypal.com and Click “Buy”, then “Make A Payment”. The payment can be made to the following email address: cmdfund@gmail.com

Thank you for your continued support and God Bless!

Charlie's Angels Support Team
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