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Manziel para el Heisman

for whoever thought we should broadcast games in spanish

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must be from one of our bats
T-sips losing t-shirt fans?
hell yes
JFF para la Heisman

KDS para el entrenador del año.

KK es muy guapo.

Donde esta la biblioteca?
^Johnny El Heismanziel!!!
Muy bueno.
Otra vez; Texas A, M, sí !
Juan Heismanziel!!
Must be San Antonio or Corpus
San Pedro in San Antonio, right? I have seen a lot of Aggie gear lately.
Gold's Gym
15759 San Pedro Ave
San Antonio, TX 78232

San Pedro in San Antonio, right? I have seen a lot of Aggie gear lately.

hahaha you are absolutely right, that is not far from my house at all. This is freaking hilarious, I knew my hometown would turn maroon soon. iVIVA MANZIEL!
Makes me hungry for a burger from Willie's!

Super Juanny Futbol!!!!
Kerrville = SA = Lil Mexico.
this is puro SA. hahaha, love it!
Juanito Futbol!!! Si Si Si!!!! AYYYY! AYYYY!! AYYYYY!!!
para el heismain
More than likely someone without proper documentation would be my guess...

Take your racist ass back to the Politics forum
¡Juanito Futbol!
Wow. I live just north of there. I need to get out of this town while I can still speak the language.
Viva Junaito Futbol!
Si señor!

Orale juanito!! Si se puede!
Juanito effin' fútbol Américano!

This is awesome.
Juanito Futbol!!!
Es el mejor mariscal de campo!

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