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Horns dont want to play A&M

For all the Dallas folks, I was listening to GAC on the drive home yesterday. I heard that Chuck Cooperstein reported that Texas officials have told Cotton Bowl execs that if they are chosen for the bowl game they don't want A&M.

I read another article saying that the Horns could decline the Cotton Bowl bid and accept Alamo to avoid an SEC team.

Any truth to those two stories above? If this is true I call chicken sh** on the Horns for doing this.
yea, and I do not want to play them. let them wallow in their sheet
Why is that hard to believe?

dodds has made it clear they will do everything they can to avoid playing A&M in anything.

Of course, they are going to want to avoid playing us in a bowl.
Shocker they suck and still think they get to make the rules lol.
I hope this is true and I want the whole sports world to know about it. It will seriously tarnish their precious image.
If it turns out that Oregon, KState or ND lose, Florida will likely finish in the top 4 of the BCS. Meaning, we'll be out of the BCS race. (Top 4 guaranteed a spot)

Which means we're going to the Cotton. I don't think it matters what Dodds says he does or doesnt want to do. Because he, rarely, is not the most important player in this equation. Jerry Jones is. If it's there for the taking, and Jerry can get A&M vs Texas, Jerry is going to get A&M vs texas.
Jerry has wanted a lot of things that he didn't get.

Let's see, what might some of those things be?
If true, they're worried about losing the top recruits to us, and they probably don't want their avoidance of us publicized because that might have a similar, albeit lessened, effect.
I don't know many who would volunteer to have a deuce dropped on their forehead for 60 minutes. The whorns are no different.
hahah dodds and tu are chicken.
KHDS and the Bear. Nice!


"Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women."

Claude os, aperi oculos!
total lie -they'll play us, just hoping to beat us... but ain't gonna happen.
If proven to be true, it needs to hit the twitter universe and go viral.
whether true or not, there is not a team in the nation that wants to play us right now. not. one.

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Beating us is the only hope they have at proving to recruits they are still good. Getting embarrassed by OU every year and having a recent sub .500 season means they are in a position to get off the throne.


Blasphemous!!!!! Someone post a guard at the Century Oak.

Edit - i 'quoted' a ****load of someone else's post.

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I do believe the Horns want no business of us right now. They need to let thing lie with them thumping us at Kyle in the apparently last game of the series.

Worst thing in the world right now for their program would be losing to us this year.

On top of our program soaring right now, back in the apparent rut of being beat by OU every year, Horn recruiting is poised to take a big hit.
It's almost like a chick-fil-a commercial, somehow. Cows that are all about chicken.
It's almost like a chick-fil-a commercial, somehow. Cows that are all about chicken.

These rumors were inevitable.
I could definitely believe this- they don't want to get romped by us, so they'll hide behind the "we're doing it to prove a point" excuse. If Texas finishes 3rd in the Big 12, and K-State and OU go to BCS bowls and we fall to the Cotton (less and less likely anyway), and Texas accepts an Alamo Bowl bid, even their fickle fanbase will hang Dodds for that. Even with a ****ty team and a decent season somehow falling into their laps, they are coming apart at the seams- regardless of whether this is true or not. **** 'em.
They'd play us? Why wouldn't they?

If they do you better believe KK and Sumlin know what the game is all about!
Only reason I don't believe it is I can't believe tu would have any kind of discussion except for very higher ups.

The mere act of a rumor likes this makes their program look very bad.
Be cautious my brothers. The expectation going into that game will be that we would kick their ass. That's what everyone thought Bama would do to us.

I'm confident we'd win but if the bar of expectation is set too high and they were to make it a respectable game the perception of our programs, which are now diverging, it sure could help them. Unless we beat the the dog **** out if them that game would likely only help them.

You guys are going to talk trash anyway. Who am i kidding?
I am an undergrad Horn, and I can tell you this is chicken-sheet. I really hope this is no BS, I want Texas to be pubically humiliated if DeLoss is trying to duck A&M. More specifically, I want DeLoss humiliated.

Texas A&M has completely stuck it to DeLoss. He was never counting on what looks like a 10-2 debut SEC season for the Aggies. Big congrats for that btw, I have enjoyed watching JFF.

Texas has more to gain by playing A&M that vice versa, all of the sudden. A&M will finish 10-2 in the SEC, Texas will finish 9-3 in the Big XII. Which do you think will get more accolades? Exactly.

DeLoss, the LHN, and UT are all royal losers in this deal. DeLoss should welcome the opportunity to salvage this by playing A&M. But DeLoss is scared, and rightfully so.

From Texas A&M perspective, it's all good. Any bowl victory will be sweet for A&M. It doesn't really have to be Texas. A&M has surpassed Texas on the field already. A head-to-head vs. Texas is riskier for A&M than for UT. Except for the fact that A&M appears to be the much better team.

I hope the Cotton works out with A&M vs Texas, but if it doesn't, I hope DeLoss is exposed for being a little gurl about it.
Capital One picks before the Cotton and Outback!
^ I like this guy

the rook, that is

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nice post horn rook.

NO TEAM wants any part of A&M right now
The Capital One Bowl will take Georgia once they lose to Bama in the SEC Championship. Cotton and Outback have next picks, with Cotton having first pick in the West. Basically, we have a shot at BCS bowl if we win out (will probably need LSU or Florida to lose)but most likely scenario is us in the Cotton.
^ well as someone who played (baseball) at a high level - you want to play the best.. and beat them! So I don't think that is true about no one wanting to play us - I think OU is hoping to get their shot at us. You can bet Stoops will have his Sooners ready.
sip rook with the POTD
reading posts on the sipper forums they pretty much are just hanging onto the "eternal scoreboard"... that's all they have, they don't want to risk losing it and they rightfully think they would most likely lose to us this season.

Before we beat Bama I have to admit the "eternal scoreboard" was a thorn in my side but now the "doesn't matter, beat bama" has all but removed it...



Texas. A&M has surpassed Texas on the field already. A head-to-head vs. Texas is riskier for A&M than for UT

I actually agree with this... nothing would be a bigger piss in our cereal bowl of a season that losing to t.u. in a bowl game, outside the name calling on the forums no one cares about 'eternal scoreboard'

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Is anyone honestly surprised by this? If we beat them head to head, tu will be the laughing stock of Texas (arguably they already are).
Look, we are having a banner year. But we have to win it all to ever shake that "eternal scoreboard" IMO.
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