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Origin of nickname "Johnny Football"

Does anyone know where the nickname originated? Did he have the nickname in HS... or was it someone here on TexAgs that gave him the handle...

The female commentator in the Arky n Auburn game just called him that.. Thought that was pretty cool.
Gabe was working on researching it. I think he found the first time it was used on TexAgs, but concluded that it started in high school. Someone correct me if I'm wrong
I remember him being called that when we were recruiting him. I may be misremembering though.
It was I who assigned him that now famous moniker. He shall forever be knownst as such because of me.

I'm coming out with a tshirt line too. You'll soon see Johnny wearing one that says "always gig em is my hero".
Thanks... I've heard commentators/analysts refer to him as that on more than several occasions. You've got to be pretty good for ESPN personalities, and such, to start calling you by your nickname, especially after only 4 games of your freshman year.
Whats the origin of the word "nickname"?
MisterJones and LateralusAg are correct. He was known as Johnny Football at Kerrville Tivy. In San Antonio, we were fortunate to watch his highlights every Friday night.
According to Gabe, Cheeks was the first to post that name on TexAgs.
I believe his original nickname at Tivy was "Rocket" due to his speed. He played RB, DB, WR, P and eventually wound up at QB midway through his sophomore season. He excelled at every position which gave birth to the nickname "Johnny Football". TexAgs gave him a middle name.
i thought his high school coach gave him that name?
Origin of "origin"?
I'm still trying to figure out what the second F means in JFF
i thought his high school coach gave him that name?

His high school coach came on Texags radio and wasn't sure of the origin of the name or if they even called him that at Tivy.
Whats the origin of the word "nickname"

An eke name (pronounce naamay) or ekename

Middle English for "an also name" or "additional name"
The middle "F" in JFF stands for freakin' or f***in'

Whichever you prefer.
Friend whos gf went to Tivy said his high school nickname was Johnny Badass FWIW
Moniker was bestowed by the Almighty....

Srsly tho...how bad azz do you have to be if you play in a football-excellent state like Texas and you get a name like Johnny Football?
Just found this thread as I am curious as to the term's origin also. KBTX did a little inquiring and produced this article, linked from Johnny's Wikipedia page, in which the PA announcer at Antler Stadium asserts that the he did not have this nickname at Tivy due to the fact that he was also an incredible baseball player. The search continues.
I thought he was given this nick name when he was up for national player of the year?
Maybe so, Frank. Got a reference or remember where you heard this?
The first reference on Texags was when he was during his senior football season in high school. I just assumed it came from Kerrville people but they assume it came from aggies.

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Can someone post a link to the first Texags thread containing this reference?
I think it's because people can't remember if Manziel is spelled with I-E or E-I.
As a rare poster, but as someone who follows texags almost everyday, the first time I saw the name "Johnny Football" was on this forum. I don't remember who, but I seem to recall a texags poster annointing him the name.
Wasn't he Texas' "Mr. Football"?
They called him that in the local paper/local TV in San Antonio during his time in High School
It was bestowed upon him before the beginning of time.
I am guessing it has some of its origin from this little remembered American Classic moive from 1988.......

Johnny Be Good is a 1988 American comedy film directed by Bud Smith, starring Anthony Michael Hall as the main character, Johnny Walker. The film also features Robert Downey Jr., Steve James, Jennifer Tilly and Uma Thurman in her film debut. Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon makes a cameo appearance. Hall turned down the role of Cameron Frye in Ferris Bueller's Day Off to appear in this film.

Johnny Walker (Hall) is the top high school quarterback prospect who is heavily recruited by many schools. His best friend, Leo Wiggins (Downey), thinks he should hold out for the best offer. His girlfriend, Georgia (Thurman), wants him to go to State with her and get a solid education. The colleges offer him everything he could possibly want — girls, cars, cash, free room and board, etc. Although he has all the skills a coach would want in a quarterback, he is unsure where he wants to go. Although Johnny lives with his mother, grandfather and younger brother and sister, he is offered everything and anything by every interested college except for the local State College.

trailer -
JFF is on his birth certtificate. Look it up...
Started in High School --
Aggies, do you know when and how it started in high school? Was it the students?
It was given to him by Chuck Norris when he beat down Chuck Norris with a football. True story.
Birth Certificate
"I came up with Johnny F Football"
Al Gore
When he was still in High school, I remember Joe Reinagel from Kens5 used to call him "Johnny Football" when showing highlights from the Kerrville games.

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