Texas A&M Football
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A lesson in what could have been...

Gosh darnit.

BCS Standings:
3 Oklahoma State - L (Blew 17-point halftime lead)
8 Arkansas - L (Blew 18-point halftime lead)
10 Oklahoma - L (Down 3 at half)
11 Kansas State - L (4OT, Blew 14-point early lead and 10-point 4th quarter lead)
17 Baylor - W
22 Texas - L (Blew 13-point early lead, outscored 17-0 in 3rd)
25 Missouri - L (OT, Blew 14-point lead)

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Hooray for underachieving!
Are we the best 6-6 team in the country?
A lot of blowing there.
They should hold a MNC game for 6-6 teams and call it the Mediocre-city carpet.com Bowl.
Guise, the reason we lost those second halves is because we don't have the best facilities and because the administration was too quick to fire RC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought our faculty was pretty good.
We were up 14 against Mizzou and K-St as well.

5 games up by 13 or more, and we lost them all. That is just silly and unprecendented. That is most certainly a coaching / program problem this year.
Edited to better reflect the level of unclutchness. Thanks for the info.

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Cupboard was bare for Fran...
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