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Any Shermshine Pumpers left out there...?

If so, I have a question. Do yall still think that all the offseason behavior won't/didn't have any effect on this season? I, as I warned would happen months ago, just witnessed a team with no leadership, maturity or discipline, give up after their terrible physical fitness was exposed. Thoughts?

Edit- and to be clear. I'm not putting this all on Sherm, but the pumpers seemed to be the quickest/most vocal about rationalizing and apologizing for the player's behavior.

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What is the point of this exercise?
I think txdawg is your gal for the job
Huh? Are you saying you don't understand the question?
I still believe in Sherman as a HEAD COACH. He needs to get an offensive coordinator in a bad way.
Give up, seriously?
I HATED the Sherman hire. Last year he proved to me that I was wrong.

I've seen nothing to send me back to my original position. He will right this ship.
All of this is wonderful information, but no one has answered the OP.

I'm not trying to get into a debate about how good a coach Sherm is.

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Sherman... Please give up play calling.
10 turnovers in 2 games and we lost by a combined 4 points, each time we controlled our destiny at the end. The people here make me laugh. We lose one game and people are calling for his head. Did you honestly expect to go undefeated? We didn't get blown out, played like crap in the 3rd quarter and still had a chance to win or tie. Many on here would take Stoops in a millisecond, but guess what...he lost to Mizzou last year. By TexAgs standards, he sucks.
Very fascinating. Did you even read the OP? Try again.

If you don't want to answer the question, then don't - but don't deflect.

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I answered the thread title. It prejudiced your post but my answer stands. I actually think it answers your OP as well.

I think answering the question will be tough. I agree with you.

I think this comes down to a point in a game when we get hit in the mouth, and the team is completely mind effed after that. They can't get back into it mentally. We need a leader to be able to tell the team to stfu, get over yourselves and lets go do what we do. But they don't, they dwell on mistakes, get mad, and it begets more mistakes.

To be honest, I hadn't seen it that often under sherm, but it was weekly under fran.
The issue is not that we lost to a good osu team but that this loss was 100% preventable had the coaches made the proper adjustments and play calls.

It doesn't take a genius to understand, Tanny was rattled, our defense was gased, and osu's offense was clicking.

How do you mitigate against this, YOU RUN THE DAMN BALL not continue to do what's not working.
Sounds like this board.
You may be the whiniest person on Texags.

The Northgate incident had nothing to do with the game yesterday....unless Sherman went to Northgate between halves.

I don't think BYU has many "behavior" problems off the field and their team is terrible.
We didn't lose because of any off season issues.

This loss was due to turnovers and not running the ball frequently in the last two quarters.
I may become one just to piss off chosin.

I'm just as upset after yesterday's debacle, but Chosin's numerous posts this morning all say the same thing. We get it, you don't like Sherman!
To answer the OP...we're 4 weeks into the season. Any off season issues we had were not related to the loss. A poor 3rd quarter and 4 TO's were.
Can we wait and see how the season turns out please.
I'll bet it has been tough for chosin, not being able to b**ch about anything since the CWS las spring. Finally, the Aggies lose a game, allowing him to return to being the dewsh that he is.

As I look around the nation, I see that every team except for one or two falters in a big game every year. Bama did it, OU did it (to us), NU did it twice. Everyone but the national champ does it. Except for those who thought we'd go undefeated (I was not one of them), we all knew that we'd come up short once or twice. Yesterday was it.

The difference between past years and this year is that when we come up short, we are ranked, and losing on the last drive to a top 10 team. Even though professional whiners like chosin won't admit it, that it huge progress from the days when we just hoped to keep it close against a top 10 team.

The Aggies are making progress. I just hope we can upgrade the fanbase, too.
The D was on the field for the entire 3rd Qtr, no matter who you are you would be gassed after that. No way they could keep up the intensity of the 1st half after the turnovers...
That being said we should have ran all over them from the beginning... Would have been a diff game all together.
People on texags need to be hit by a truck to acknowledge that walking in traffic is a bad idea.
I have an honest question for OP, what off season behavior are you referring to? Perhaps it will allow people to share their thoughts more appropriately.
Drug/fight arrests.
Sherm's A&M career will be killed by our first year in the SEC. Might as well enjoy his offense production while we can.
I actually think Sherm learns from this season, and we'll have him through his contract - for better or worse. The issue is that he recognizes, unlike the posters on this board, there is a lesson to be learned.
He needs to reign bad behavior in - I didn't realize y'all were having problems.
Take it from a UT alum - they don't call it the Fulmer Cup for nothing. His lack of discipline was soon displayed in the W/L column, and now he's on the sidelines lying about how so many colleges have contacted him.

If you guys are having off-field issues and Sherm doesn't clean them up, then punt him. Sooner or later - even in the SEC - a coach who gets a goon squad eventually leaves. Just ask Mark Richt at UGa, whose pink slip is about to be delivered.
I am. If chosin knew and understood the game, he might be taken seriously. 2 defensive players and a def. assistant is where the problem was.
We had some solid games to end last season and looked good so far this year. Why don't we give him more than one tough, close loss to a top 10 opponent before throwing him back under the bus? We're going to have these type losses in the SEC. Whether he's truly a good coach will be defined by whether he can pick them up from this emotional low for a tough 3 game stretch coming up. If you told me after the Baylro game we'd be 5-1 before the season (especially after Baylor demolished the TCU def), I'd have told you I'm perfectly content with that.
People on texags need to be hit by a truck to acknowledge that walking in traffic is a bad idea.

even then, it was the truck's fault, or the traffic light's fault, and you know, the road wasn't really all that well-lit in the first place.
Sherman does more with less. Look at the stars hes created with players who were not the "top" players in the state. Imagine what this guy could do if he picks the cream of the crop. Obviously losses like yesterday dont help the recruiting situation, but the crowd atmosphere was excellent yesterday and there cant be to many recruits who dont enjoy what they saw aside from RBs who saw us rush 5 times in the second half. Sherman is getting us places just have to be patient.
Yes, I'm here. Get over it.
OP reminds me of so-called conservative media types pulling for Obama in 2008 or academics in general. They always have to believe that they see something that no one else is seeing.

4 turnovers? Simplisme! Adjustments to a hurry up offense coming too late to keep the defense from getting gassed? Soooooooo inside the box!

It was an incident at Northgate months ago that told anyone who is paying attention what would happen on the field today! Genius!

Our D was gassed because they never got off the field in the 3rd... OSU made some good adjustments and Tim D was never able to talk to the guys and fix what we were doing because our offense coughed up the ball 3 times in a row... OSU runs a very fast offense and our D couldn't sub as much as they needed to in order to stay fresh...

In hindsight I wish we would have burned a timeout or two in the third in order to kill momentum, rest a bit, and make proper adjustments. But you just never know if you will need those timeouts at the end (which we did). And you know sherm had confidence in his O to mount a drive and give the D the time they needed... we just didnt
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