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So when do the UNCOVER threads start

I wanna prepare myself early this year
They already have.
Uncover threads crack me up.

Now, I've taken a few people to A&M games at Kyle Field that are from Indiana, etc. (out of state), and you oughtta see the bewildered look on their face when people are screaming at them to "UNCOVER!!!" They're like "WTF???" (typically students or something doing the yelling)

Meanwhile, I'm embarrassingly trying to explain the situation.

Mind you, these people have Kyle Field on their bucket list.

(As a side note, they do take off their hats for the national anthem, etc.)
started one about a week and a half ago, as a warning to all would be uncover nazis.
If you don't uncover,


if you're not wearing class a or class b summers, or don't know what they are, you have no business telling anybody to uncover. cause you're not in the corps.
You best be uncovering while posting!!!!!!!
There should be more on Sunday

Why start a thread about a practice you loathe so much?
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