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Billy Liucci

Can someone brief me on this guy. Where did he come from, how did he get where he is. From the looks of things, he's a decently young guy who's got a pretty cool setup.

Where does his primary & secondary income come from.

Just curious.
Cue the "why don't you buy stars and ask him" responses.
I beleive you can also go to the KZNE website for information as well.
Found this. Should have googled. Didn't think there would be a bio out there.

Billy Liucci

The Beliucci Hour Lunch

Email: billy@agsports.com

Bio: Billy Liucci is what you would call a "guru" in Texas A&M Athletics. He owns and operates the Maroon & White Report, which is devoted to covering Aggie sports, with an emphasis in recruiting.
Was Billy a football player? No.

Did he work for the A&M football team in college? No.

Liucci was an industrial distribution major who was destined for a career as a nerd...I mean, as an engineer. Fortunately for him, he met former Texas A&M lineman Steve McKinney.

McKinney and his buddies had an open room in their house and needed a roommate. Desperate to fill the vacancy, they asked Billy if he wanted to move in. 30 minutes later, they had a new roommate.

That is where the legend of Billy Liucci began. For several years, Billy roomed with football players and hung out with all their friends. There was one problem...he was getting older and all his friends were all in their early 20s. Dazed, confused, and searching for an answer, Liucci went to Blockbuster and randomly selected the high-quality flick, "Dazed and Confused." And it was that night that his answer became clear.

"I keep getting older, they stay the same age," said Matthew McConaughey's character. And that is when Billy Liucci had realized his purpose in life: high school recruiting!

Billy took over the Maroon & White report in the late '90s. Since then, recruiting has blossomed into a full-time, year-round business...and nobody covers it better than Liucci.

Billy eventually moved into his own home, where he lives with his dog, Graham. He has become a multi-media legend, covering Texas A&M sports on television, the internet, newspapers, magazines, and radio!

Yes...Liucci is in his 30s and has a job where he has to communicate with a bunch of 17-year-old kids. But Looch embraces the awkward moments and tries to dress as young as possible. This won't work when he's in his 50s, but we'll worry about that when the time comes.

What I don't get is that every year he says we have awesome recruits, and 4 years later we aren't very good. It seems like some people would start to catch on...

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"Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women."

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Billy is really good at what he does and M&W Report has exploded over the last couple years.

A lot of people rag on him but I think you all just want his job. Who wouldn't love to get paid to know the ins and outs of your favorite team?
By the way, fellas. I wrote that bio of Looch when I was a full-time employee with KZNE. If you look closely, all of those bios -- many of which were written by me -- were meant to be funny and off-the-wall. So don't take any of that stuff seriously.

As for Billy, he started with a print newsletter publication called the "Maroon & White Report" (which we still produce 30 issues a year...weekly during the football season). He jumped in with TexAgs to give his business a web presence and a message board. That was around 2002 and that is when his business really took off. Then this past November, he and his partner (Hunter Goodwin) bought co-ownership with WatchOle and the TexAgs guys.

Now, it's a really nice partnership and the company is really run the way it should be. Everyone knows their role and does a great job to try and make the best site and web service that we can. I'm not an owner, but I'm the staff writer/reporter, publisher and handle marketing efforts.

So long story short, this is Billy's full-time gig...it's all of our full-time gig at the office. Those of you who have negative things to say about the service...and haven't tried it at all in the last year or so...e-mail me Gabe@TexAgs.com and I'll respond with a discount code for a free month. At that point, you can decide -- with evidence -- if the service is worth paying for at the regular price.

There have been literally HUNDREDS that have jumped in the boat just in the last few months from this free football board...and not a single solitary complaint from ANY of them so far.

I think you'll like it if you try us out.

Thanks guys.

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I keed! I keed! - Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog.


"Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women."

As for Billy, he started with a print newsletter publication called the "Maroon & White Report"
Which was founded/created by someone else. I subscribed to that, it was really good, I forget the guy's name, maybe Doug something. That guy got an SID type job at maybe TCU, can't remember, and then Liucci bought or inherited the M&W report.
GiveUsRoom...yes, it was owned previously by Doug Walker, former A&M SID that went onto work at various SID departments. Good guy.

Billy took it over and took it to the next level...increasing subscription numbers from a couple hundres to several thousand...and growing and growing.

This thing is not slowing down anytime soon. Right now, Looch and I put out content every day...it's our full-time job. We also have a full-time staff photographer and two full-time web developers.

As for content producers...Jackie Sherrill, John Lopez and Kirk Elder all write incredibly insightful football articles, covering the current A&M team and recruiting.

The service is incredible...please take me up on my free month offer and try this thing out for yourself.

What do you have to lose? Try it for a month...if you don't like it, you can just drop it with no payment whatsoever. If you do like it and want to pay for a year up front, we'll give you Golf, Aggieland Illustrated and a six-month Maroon Book listing (about a $275 value). I don't know why EVERYONE would at least try it out. I've never made a no-risk FREE offer like this...but I felt that, in this case, it was needed.

Try us.

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Believe me. Its worth it.

I can't wait to see what they have planned for basketball season.
I love the content provided via the premium sub. I should have updated sooner.
I'm sure the service is amazing now. I was a subscriber several years ago, and it was decent enough back then.

The thing is, I'm in my 30s now. If I find myself that interested in what a bunch of 17-year-old boys have to say about where they might go to college, I think I'll really question where I'm at in life.
I just signed up and i really like it... i have been hesitant to shell out the money for the last 3-4 years because i dont really like the setup of the Forum, but the daily articles are well worth the money... I just signed up yesterday and i am already budgeting to go for the full year up front...
Riffs...you're exactly the type of person who is now blown away by what we're doing.

We're so much more Aggie Football-related than just A&M recruiting. We cover the current team with multiple stories (written, audio, video, photo, etc) each and every day.

People of all ages love Aggie Football and we do that better than anyone.

Try us out...please!

I used to subscribe.

It's good stuff.
I'm glad I have my two stars. I really enjoy everything ya'll provide. I lurked for years and finally decided to start posting and sign up for premium. Don't regret it a bit.
"Billy Liucci is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life." GABE BOCK
Gabe- as starter of this thread. I'd love a free month or half month trial.
Dallas...done. But please, shoot me an e-mail (Gabe@TexAgs.com).

I've already had quite a few requests just off of this thread and I've got a system set up to keep track of who has requested the free month.

No problem at all...and thanks very much to those of you who have decided to check us out.

And 'Duffelpud'...I don't know about warmest or bravest. Haha...I enjoyed that post. I don't mind the fun shots at me and my marketing tactics. But considering our subscription numbers have grown about 50 percent over the last year -- in this economy -- I guess it's working.

Thanks guys.
Liucci was an industrial distribution major who was destined for a career as a nerd...I mean, as an engineer

Man if Looch was an ID major you know he ended up doing something other than be an engineer. WHOOP!

I.D. major class of '07
poor college kid speaking here
.....worth it
I remember the Doug Walker newsletters. I'm getting old.
1st time for me....have enjoyed it!
I think covering Aggie Athletics would be one of my top ideal jobs...even if the money wasn't great. Would love to just go to sporting events all the time and write about them. Heck, that would be a cool part-time job. Dealing with all the recruiting stuff, though...not so much. Watching high school games/film wouldn't be bad. I love me some high school football (dad's a coach). Having to deal with all of the recruits would get old fast. I don't envy that part of Liucci's job.
From being here 6 years, I've come to realize he's a smart business man. He's capitilzed on something that this area has need for a long time. A knowledgeable A&M sports writer. Although, he's about the only one that covers A&M and does not bash them, even when they needed it most. He realizes he has a subscription to sell and also knows no one is going to sign up for his news letters if its not 24 hour sunshine pumping.
You want the truth about A&M football, listen to Louie B. If you want the the upside all the time, then Luicci is your man.

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which is exactly why the beliucci hour rocks

you get both sides

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You want the truth about A&M football, listen to Louie B.

louie belina is an annoying moron who talks football out of his ass (like the commercial), says the most ridiculous things, and uses terrible terminology. if you want to hear what louie is going to say, watch sportscenter the night before or listen to Mike & Mike. i used to listen to louie until i realized he was stupid
I dont even follow recruiting that much. Its way too much for me to keep up with the past few years. I cant even name 75-90% of our targets/recruits.

I love the articles, photos, videos, Q&A's with current players, interviews, thoughts, etc.... way more than the recruiting part. Also much better serious football/basketball threads on there compared to this forum. I also like Gabes baseball thoughts. So much more than recruiting.
I don't want to give too much away but I'm having a tough time getting in touch with one of you who e-mailed me about a one-month trial.

If your first name is "Bill" and you e-mailed me last night, please re-send an e-mail with a phone number or another contact. I've tried to e-mail you several times and the message keeps getting returned.

It was a sad day when I had to give up my stars. Can't wait to get them back.

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