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bug bite or something else? cross posted from outdoors

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Article 58-10 Offender
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I was working in the yard yesterday, gathering up a bunch of brush and stuff to carry to the road when I felt my hand start burning. it wasn't a terrible pain, but enough that I noticed. went away after a couple of minutes and I kept working. about ten minutes later I suddenly got extremely dizzy and felt like my head was in a fog. I came inside and sat down and my body started dumping sweat. put my head back and fell asleep for about twenty minutes. when I woke up I felt mostly normal, and by evening I was totally back to normal. feel fine today.

until last night I had no idea what may have happened - thought the Corona had got me! but then I remembered the burning / tingling hand thing and started looking around on my hand, and sure enough I have a whelp on my pinkie. looks sort of like a blister or mosquito bite.

any ideas what this may be? i'm in south Louisiana.

i'm 39, in good health, good fitness level, and I was well rested and hydrated. if it wasn't a bug bite, I don't know if there is something else I should be concerned about.
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Possibly an asp caterpillar

Article 58-10 Offender
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got the same suggestion on the other board, and I think that might be it. I've gotten a full asp sting before, and the pain was MUCH more than I had yesterday, but I think it might have just gotten me a little. enough to feel it and get the dizziness, but not enough to really put me down hard.
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