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Cognitive based therapy for Insomnia

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anyone used CBT in the Houston area. I'm looking for a counselor that specializes in treatment for insomnia.
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While I do not have a specific recommendation, you might start here: You can filter down on specific location, therapy type, reason, etc.
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Meanwhile I'd read up on sleep hygiene - that's a big part of the "B" in CBT.

Begin turning the lights on low an hour before bed.
Avoid phone screens, computer screens, and TV screens an hour before bed.
Try to wake up at the same time each morning even on weekends.
A cold very dark room promotes sleep.
Turn the face of your clock away from view.
Prepare for the next day before you go to sleep - Pack your lunch, pick out your clothes, have a to do list for the next day,..
Often taking a hot bath or shower right before bed helps.
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Good luck to you.

I've had insomnia since I was a teenager (20+ years) and I've tried it all.

I've done a sleep study, seen neurologists, done cognitive based therapy, improved my sleep hygiene and am currently the patient of a sleep medicine specialist where I've tried basically every sleep medication known (none of them help much).

Personally, I didn't find the cognitive based therapy helpful, but maybe I wasn't being open to it or it wasn't the right fit.

I don't have any physical problems like sleep apnea, but my sleep study showed I have an a very high number of arousals while sleeping. Also, my sleep medicine doc said she believes I'm a highly sensitive person, which is contributing to my insomnia.

I know it's not the question you asked, but I guess I'm just commiserating with a fellow insomniac. It's of course worse right now and I'm really bored.

I hope it works for you. Is this type of counseling considered essential? I'm curious if you can schedule in person appointments right now or not.

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Download the CBT-i Coach app. It was developed for the military but is available to everyone. It can be used on your own or in conjunction with someone trained in CBT. If anyone does, please give input.
No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See full Medical Disclaimer.
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I have got this app too, and I am really optimistic about it. I think it will help me, I will post about my progress. What do you think about some CBD for sleep? I would like to try it out too, I guess it is a good idea. Maybe you can give me some tips and recommendations on it here?
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