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We all knew it was coming...Lance to compete in 70.3s, qualify for Kona

Competing in 70.3s and IM France with the intention to get to Kona.

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Not surprised he picked France. Turns out it is all about the bike.
He's coming to Galveston. Better sign up quick if you haven't. It will sell out fast now I'd assume

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from a personal standpoint, i could see him wanting to win in france. however, the french hate him and i'm surprised IMTX didn't pay him to show up there. Then again, IMTX is sold out, so they don't need to boost registration.

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What's the drug testing like for elite triathletes?
subject to random tests, but not nearly as often as cycling.

and honestly, an athlete like Lance easily could qualify for Kona with or without drug use.

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so now the real question is which one of you gentleman is going to beat him in galveston?
Meh, I've already beaten him. I don't want to discourage him.
you beat chemo lance and elderly mercx.
To answer about triathlon drug testing:

WTC (Ironman) has a testing pool for all professional athletes that want to race this season. Testing post-race is fairly common; though the finishing places they test are mostly random. WTC can also place you in their registered testing pool which means they want to know your whereabouts and can test you at any time.

This is all part of WTC's personal drug testing program; you can still be tested by USADA, WADA, or your own governing body (for ex: Chrissie Wellington was constantly tested by WTC and by the British Federation).

Having said all that, it is NOWHERE near the level of testing you see in professional cycling and Track+Field. It has come a long way in the last couple years, but still has a ways to go.

if i'm not mistaken, under USAT rules, they can test AGers too, right? If you refuse, you are DQ'd. I could be way off, but I think that's right. There was a case a year or so ago at a race where word got out that drug testing was going to occur and there was a significant number of people who DNS.
Yes, WTC tests Age Groupers as well. I've known a few that have been tested in the last year.
i'm probably safe. even if i doped, i'd probably still be over 10 hours.
btw - good timing for Lance. With Chrissie out this season, he won't get chick'd.
i'm probably safe. even if i doped, i'd probably still be over 10 hours.
Surprised it took him this long to take the plunge. Presumably he's racing AG given that he doesn't have an elite card.

Having suffered through the IM France course a few years ago, I can attest that it is set up well for Lance. Lots of climbing, flat run, and pretty warm. Also, it is right before the Tour so he could make all his PR appearances if he wants. Not sure he would want to be hanging around, but I could see it.

I didn't check, are any of those 70.3's Kona qualifiers? I think Hawaii 70.3 is, maybe.

I personally think AG doping is a bigger issue than people probably realize. If you can afford it, there is very little downside risk. Most people would also argue that with no money prize money at stake there is zero upside, but try telling that to a crazed type A middle aged ironman. I have a suspicion about a few guys I have trained with. Its pretty sad to cheat at amateur sports if you ask me. Anyway, I'll get off my soap box now.
i'm probably safe. even if i doped, i'd probably still be over 10 hours.

Argh! My 10 hour nemisis still haunts me.
i think some of it had to do with the case the feds had against him.
excellent point.
I personally think AG doping is a bigger issue than people probably realize.
Yes yes yes.

If the meatheads at Gold's will dope to look big to all the other meatheads, it stands to reason that a few elite AGers will dope to qualify for Kona.

I'm going to have Brent Poulsen, the pro that just got hammered with a 2 year ban for doping, come into the store to talk about doping here in a few weeks, hopefully.
FWIW, His previous membership on usa cycling team (olympics) plus top 10 (5) at XTerra champsmay get him a pro card to race as a pro thisweekend.
What's the swimming incline like at IM France?
I wouldn't be surprised if he got some kind of "sponsor's exemption" or celebrity status and didn't have to go the qualifying route.

Like Tony Kannan (sp?) the Indy Car racer last year or those other "featured" stories you see on the Kona coverage. Doubt he placed top 3 in an AG race. But I could be wrong...

And wherever he races, I'm just glad I'm in the 50-54 age group. BTW - he and I have the same birthday, just more than a decade apart.

The special interest stories are not racing in the pro ranks.

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Did you mean are NOT racing with the pros?
Kona qualification for professionals is based off a ranking system with points earned at numerous races. Best 5 races (one has to be a full IM; 3 can be HIM) give a ranking and the top 50 men qualify. The first 40 slots are given on August 1; then the last 10 are given on September 1.

Lance is racing the Pan Am (Panama) and US Pro Champ (Galveston) 70.3s which are high scoring races. Those + one other 70.3 and Ironman France would probably guarantee give him enough points if he races well at them. WTC has said Lance will not get a wild card slot at Kona, but if he falls short of points I suspect they will change their minds.

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Wow! So it sounds like his pro card status and race schedule add up to him taking the pro route to Kona. That's a little surprising, but makes sense when laid out like that. I would think qualifying as an AG would be pretty easy for him, knowing the times he is capable of. It looks like even with the new pro rules he should have a solid chance. It'll be interesting to follow.
He's racing professionally. He has a good chance at the podium of all those races.
Did you mean are NOT racing with the pros?

yes. not sure what my deal is lately, but i've been leaving words out and misspelling everything.

Probably all the doping. There, I said it.
Luckily beer is not considered a PED.
no, but unfortunately all the cocaine is.
Obligatory cokehead smiley.
Tom Boonen and I party together.
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