2008 F150 diagnostic help?

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I have an 2008 F150 that hadn't been started in about 3-4 weeks. And as a result, battery was dead. I jumped the truck and it started fine. Rolled down the windows to get some air in the truck, and left it on to recharge the battery.
After maybe 5 minutes, the truck stopped. No knocks or other weird noised, it just shut off. I hooked the jumper cables back up and when I got in the truck, I noticed smoke and some burning order. Didn't really notice the odor in the engine compartment.
I tried to start the truck, but nothing. No clicking or anything to suggest I had a week charge. It was as though the battery wasn't even jumped. BUT... the headlights and emergency lights work and the odometer lights up, so I am getting some current. But the radio, AC, and of course the windows won't work along with the starter.
Any suggestions on what might be up? I'm getting ready to start checking fuses and hoping that might be the issue. But the fact that so many systems aren't powered up has me worried.

NOTE: One additional diagnostic thing I noticed: The only power systems that are working are those that do not need to have the key inserted to begin with. The lights, the back tail lamp, and the odometer reading all turn on when I have jumper cables hooked up and the door open. So now I am thinking that whatever has happened might have to do with the key system or the wiring involved with it.

Thanks Ags.
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Alternator going bad ??????
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I don't think it is the alternator since I can't even jump the truck or get any of the accessory power systems (except the lights) to work when using jumper cables.
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Start with a new battery.

Replace the battery, crank it up, then test everything else.
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