Opinions on Ford Flex

I was looking at cars the other day, and got in a Flex because it is a car that has always drawn my attention as looking 'unique' (for lack of a better word).

I was really impressed with the comfort and space.

I am 6-5 and could comfortably drive it and even sit in the second row.

Anybody have any experience with these as far as durability and quality?
I think the general consensus on this board with respect to the Flex is: .

I don't know if its specific to the ecoboost variant or not, though.

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i like it, but it's problem is it's pricey. at least when you spec it out all the way.
I driven several and really like them.

The Ecoboost one is pretty peppy.

If you are in the Houston area and want to buy one, I have a contact at a dealer that will shoot you an honest/great deal.
I like 'em. Would definitely choose over any full size 2WD SUV if your priority is carrying people and cargo (vs. towing).

I'd want one without the gaudy metal plate/trim on the rear door.
My sister has one (non-boost but otherwise loaded) and I had to drive it one evening. It made our Expedition seem like a sports car. It was hard to see out of, I did not find it comfortable inside, and it seemed sluggish. I felt like I was driving a school bus. I have no doubt it is reliable but I did not care for it (and I am a Ford homer).

i think the redesign is ugly
I really dig the new front of it
The redesigned front looks much better in person than it does in pictures. I'd buy one.
They are outstanding
I've never cared for the looks of the Flex. It reminds me of an XXXXL Mini.
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