AM 1530

does anyone know if it went off the air? i know it is ESPN but it was still a better alternative to the other sports stations.
it was sold.
I saw on another forum that 104.9 was sold also. I threw a boycott on them about a year ago for all their anti-Aggie BS, especially Chose Hastings. I occasionally get pissed off by the 1300 guys but they are mostly tolerable. I actually like Bucky and even Babers can be mildly entertaining when not fellating everything tu.

what forum did you see this on? I mean, I know some of the particulars but I'd like to know what other information is becoming public.

92.5 (ESPN Deportes) was sold as well, and is now a K-Love affiliate.

More changes are to come.
1530 playing Spanish talk radio now.
I think someone posted it on Liucci board.
Thanks. I guess it is my phone as a radio from now on.
Thanks. I guess it is my phone as a radio from now on.

Although Monday was fun just to know the sip radios were all talking about the conference moves being official, including Ags to the SEC.

ESPN is on am 1260 now I believe
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