del valle isd

Does anyone know anything about del valle isd, del valle High school to specific
I have no first-hand knowledge but it's my impression that the film Dangerous Minds was based on it.
i work at Del Valle ISD....what's your question?
You can do a search by campus or district. Gives you anything you want to know in terms of demographics of students, teachers, and standardized test performance.
what's the High School like? Good place to work or is it rough?
the high school isn't as rough as most people think. we as teachers have done the best we have been able to do with our resources and by doing so, we were able to be recognized by TEA three years in a row. you will find a lot of teachers that are dedicated to their craft. what did you plan on teaching?

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my mom works in DVISD....if you have any specific questions, I will gladly ask her.
Does your mum work in the high school?
Just general thoughts about the administration (including the support of Central Office at the HS), and general thoughts about the HS. Thanks.
Support is good and we just got a pay raise as well. New teachers will start of around 42k.
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