The March/April issue of Texas Aggie magazine is available online for all members of the Aggie Network for Aggie Muster!

In this issue, you'll find:

Within 100 Miles
A century ago, this publication charged Aggies to honor April 21 by gathering with their fellow former students nearby. Since then, local Muster gatherings have fulfilled this promise.

Lost and Found
The most visible symbol of the Aggie Network unites us, from College Station to continents abroad. When Aggie Rings are lost, The Association works diligently to reunite them with their owners

'A Snake Falls To Earth'
Since earning her doctorate in oceanography, Aggie author Darcie Little Badger '16 unites earth science with her own heritage to craft award winning fantasy stories.

PLUS: Students in organization Go Baby Go combine pediatric medicine and engineering, Aggies earn national titles, Clay Ozuna '19 joins the U.S. Space Force and more.



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