Frontier Fiber in CS

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Has anyone made the switch to Frontier Fiber in the Southwood Valley area? Any good/bad comments about Frontier. Tried getting Suddenlink to match Frontier pricing but they wouldn't budge past $64.99 for 400Mb.

For those that have had Frontier Fiber installed, did they run an Ethernet cable in the house from where they mounted the ONT? I see in the install guide that they can do that or use MoCa to run it over the existing cable tv coax in the house.

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I've been a Frontier customer for a few years, the last year of which I have lived in SWV. I upgraded from DSL to Fiber almost three weeks ago. I got the $59.99 price; however, you should know that it's $64.99 then the price drops by $5 once you set up auto-draft for payments.

I have never had an issue with Frontier's customer service. Fiber has been great so far!

The installation tech didn't leave until he was sure I was getting the full 1G. I don't know what type of cable he used. He drilled a hole on an exterior wall (power supply maybe?), was able to use a preexisting cable outlet to connect the router, and did something in the attic. There was a new cable run from the street to my house, which they came back and buried about a week later. (Sorry, I'm not tech savvy and so I don't have better details.)

Hope this helps.
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we switched and it has been great. they do run the cable from the box to the house...ours looks like it was put in by a drunken sailor so if we ever have to dig anything on that side of the yard we will have to be extra careful

We are actually still getting suddenlink internet even though they stopped charging me...
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I'm in Southwood Valley and had 1G service installed in mid-November. The service has worked great.

As for the install -- they will put a box on the exterior of your house. The tech will likely be flexible as to where it goes, so long as there is a fairly direct route from the street-side box.

I have the house already wired for Ethernet and asked, if I were willing to drop an ethernet line from my comms closet, out to the soffit, would he be able to use that. He agreed and got out a long flexible stick to feed the cable up through the soffit, where I was up in the attic and pulled it to my comms closet.

For power, they like to drill a hole in the side of your house because the power brick for the optical terminal is not weatherproof. I didn't want that, so the tech also provided some power cable that we ran alongside the ethernet to the comm closet and he installed the power brick there.

But, they won't run new ethernet through your attic as part of the included install, I believe.

The installer will leave the cable on the ground, where another crew will come and bury it later (3-days to 3-weeks later...)

I think if you already have Coax in your walls/attic, they will try to leverage that with a MoCa adapter, but it's not a required thing.
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Frontier installer stayed until we had the full 1gig service. They discussed all of the pros and cons of various install options. And he explained that not all of our devices, especially the older ones, could manage 1gig throughput. But the stuff that can handle 1gig get it, and the others utilize the fiber as fast as their internal limits will let them.

Overall, my experience has been an average of the other positive experiences listed here, except that Suddenlink pushed the disconnect date far enough out and well after
1. I requested
2. Frontier was operational.
It was explained as "corporate policy" (to, conveniently for them, make sure they got me into another billing period). I had to get my bank involved with the auto-draft stop.

Uncle Bug
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The fiber is being laid in our neighborhood now - I'm looking forward to getting the ball rolling! OP Thank you for starting this thread!

For those that have recently had the install, is there any prep-work I could be doing?

80's brick two story with lots of cable in the attic (some of them work - Suddenlink cable in to modem router, and to three TV drops). I'm inclined to try to set up a WiFi 6 mesh on a 500Mb plan. I recall seeing somewhere that Frontier install comes with an EERO (?). I fear running an ethernet cable up to attic and then down a wall would be somewhat of a challenge for me. Otherwise, comments are appreciated!

Regarding streaming service (TV for boring old people), I think I'll start another thread.
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