Foam insulation in existing home

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I looked through some older threads, but it looks like a lot of the companies either aren't there anymore or no longer do this. I have two questions.

First, does anyone have anyone they've used that they'd recommend?

Second, I've read about needing to get a whole home dehumidifier or a two speed HVAC. For a not-so-handyman, what does that entail?
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Sorry, I cannot be much help. If you can get LoyalAgs attention, he might know someone. We did this we hen we built our home and our attic has never been over eighty degrees. I do not believe we have special a/c or dehumidifying.
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Insulation Specialties a long time family business. I feel confident they would do a good job for you like they did for me. As for the AC requirements - just get a good HVAC company to work with you. I have multistage heat pump but no "special" dehumidifier (AC and heat pump do some of that) and have not had issue in more than 15 yr. I will confirm that attic never gets very hot or cold. It's kinda amazing.
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We did spray foam in our house 3 years ago. It is freaking amazing how well it works.
During the freeze, we had the heat off overnight (when it was 5F outside) and the house only dropped into the high 50s.

We don't have special AC units but they are newer because of the house age.

The company I used is no longer in business (he moved to Austin to GC commercial construction).
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There are few drafts if any in a spray foam house. We use an electric dehumidifier in the main closet and DampRid bags in the pantry. We make use of the vents when taking showers more than before, too.

Never froze during the Big Freeze of 2021, never dripped the faucets. Outside faucet on back porch did but PEX piping prevented a burst there.
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I would love to have this done, but we have vaulted ceilings and the space is very tight through most of the attic. I'm sure that would come with an added premium if it could even be done.
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We used Rock Crete 5 years ago. They did good work for us.

For the HVAC, having multistage compressor is helpful for moisture removal as it can run slower for longer which is best for dehumidifying.

Usually foam jobs in existing homes where the walls aren't as insulated and don't have the moisture issues that new construction does.

One thing to consider is if you have gas burning appliances in the attic you may need to upgrade the furnace or verify that you have enough fresh air supply to the attic for gas furnace or water heaters.
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Second Rock Crete They did our house that was built in the late 60's and it has been great.
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