Refrig temperature

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Made it thru the freeze/power issues with no pipes broken, however refrigerator is showing 54 freezer -6 and they are set for 38/-2. Any ideas on the issue/fix?

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how long?

for me, the first thing to check is the blend door form the freezer to the refrigerator

all your cooling takes place in the freezer and there is a door with a fan that pulls freezer air into the other section

also, defrost cycle might be interrupted and causing issues

I'd give it a day, maybe move some stuff to an ice chest temporarily out of the refrigerator section as you are not at holding temps
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Assuming you're referring to refrigerator & freezer compartments of the same unit, sounds like a bad evaporator fan, since the freezer is still getting cold enough. This fan is usually in the back of the freezer compartment. I had this happen to my fridge a couple years ago; it was a straightforward repair, and fortunately I had a spare fridge to move my food into while I waited for the part to arrive.

Could also be a blocked air passage between the compartments (ice or some item in the way), but that's less likely.

This would also be a good opportunity to clean the condenser coils & fan underneath or on the back of the unit (you may need to remove a cover for access).

Edit: as said above, if your power was out for a while, it may take a day or so for the fridge to get cold. If the evaporator fan is working, check the blend setting (freezer colder vs. fridge colder).
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Are refrigerator was acting up a couple of months ago. The freezer worked but fringe was not cooling. The passage that blows cold air was blocked.

Wife called all the appliance places, all were several day wait. Only one would come same day, urgent care appliance repair.

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Same thing happened to our Frigidaire.

Research said the freezer fan either froze up or the motor that regulates the damper providing cold air from the freezer to the fridge side had quit working.

Took off the back panel to the freezer and that wasn't the issue.

Ended up finding the part # from a manual and ordered it. Replacement was very easy.
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Ours was freezing the cool side. Local service co diagnosed a bad temp sensor and blend door. Weird thing is that since they fiddled with it, the temps have been 39/2. Prior to the service diagnosis, the temps were 20/-6.
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Check for ice on the internal coils. I may not have had enough defrost cycles
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