Seal a seam in concrete?

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I have a pad by my tractor shed that I poured in 2 stages - which means there is a seam right down the middle of it. I had thought I got the new pour butted up tightly enough, but I guess not - because there is a forrest of weeds growing up through it.

I know, I know - I could just dowse the area with Roundup. But I would like a somewhat more permanent solution to this. Is there a way to SEAL this area?
Chris Barnes
Retired A&M IT geek - now beekeeper
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Clean out the seam of all debri the best you can, then blow out any particles left behind with a blower or compressed air. Then fill in the gap with a self leveling polyurethane sealant, such as Loxon SL1 from Sherwin Williams. Let cure for 24 hours and problem solved. If the gap is deeper than an inch, buy some foam backer rod to save some money.
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AG is great for driveway and sidewalks. Maybe a bit pricey for tractor parking
Edit, this product is to replace rotted expansion joints not for dealing with cold joint cracks.
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