A Flu Shot for your Home.. with a Fall A/C & Heating service - What!?

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Wanted to let everyone know that our A/C & Heating Techs are currently building their Fall Maintenance Routes in both Bryan/ College Station & Houston. Since many are worried about the Flu Season, we have a bit of a solution for many homeowners.

  • If you're a homeowner and you have either a working (or non-working) A/C or Heating System, join our Fall Tech Routes & Save on: Maintenance, Repairs, Replacements & Upgrades

  • Probably the Best Benefits about being on our Tech Routes is just Fast we can have a Tech to your house for when you need an A/C guy and need one quickly.

  • Call & Refer to THIS POST before Nov. 7th & Receive your 1st year for $100 OFF of $195 ( We also have 3-5 year options as well)

  • Call & Schedule a Tech by Nov. 7th & Get a Reme Halo Installation for only $595 w/ Maintenance plan*. These are basically whole home Air Purifiers that can act like a " FLU Shot for Your Home"

  • Better yet ,
    All Services & Installs with EcoZapp are still wrapped up in our 80F on Christmas Day Promo*
    ( 80F on Dec. 25th = Reimbursement* . visit www.ecozapphvac.com for info as a few Terms & Conditions apply)

    Simply call 833.924.6100 or visit www.ecozapphvac.com with any questions or to schedule

    Thanks & Gig'em!

    Here's what your local HVAC Entrepreneurs have been up to this year:

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    Also, here is a quick video we made about how the Reme Halo works.

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    Figured I would use our monthly post one more time to address a few misconceptions about Older A/C Systems & R-22 Phaseouts (Freon)
    • Over the past month, We've had feedback from Homeowners in Bryan/ College Station about some printed materials addressing the R-22 Phaseout Milestone occurring on Jan. 1, 2020 & It's affects on Homeowners who have Older A/C & Heating Systems.
    So I just wanted to drop in & address.. maybe discuss;

    - I invite other HVAC business owners & contractors to chime in as well. We have been to our 3 factories this year and have seen it from the Horse's Month the changes coming:

    • 1. R-22 IS Bad for the Ozone.
    • 2. R-22 IS going away.
    (R-22 is short for Freon, which is short for - Chlorodifluoromethane, and is the refringent used in most older Home A/C systems to enable cooling & heating.

    R-22 has a GWP of over 1,800 ! ( GWP = Global Warming Potential)

    - R-22 is 1,800x worse than releasing CO2. Every pound of R-22 which get released, destroys ~100,000x as much Ozone. (3 lbs per year = ~300,000x damage). This is an issue, and refiling 3-4 lbs per year can equal similar damaging emissions as Gas for many cars.

    R-22 Systems which are leaky- Are likely 'Very Inefficient Already' and the majority of Systems we replace in B/CS & Houston have growth inside the Air Ducts already. ( This is the Air your family Breaths & the Energy Bills you pay every month)

    - Fun Fact: R-22 over the past several years as actually been getting LESS Expensive for HVAC Contractors to Buy. However, the cost to Homeowners continues to rise. ( Refilling R-22 = Profit )

    - PRO TIP: R-22 currently costs about ~$14 per pound; Homeowners pay ~ $110to $150 per pound, via an A/C guy . ( WHOA! $15 to $140+ #math )

    If your A/C System is leaky, R-22 has already been prohibited by contractors continually refiling year-after-year... This is Knowingly Releasing R-22 into the Ozone AND at a very nice profit margin for minimal work/ effort

    On Jan. 1, 2020 a phaseout milestone occurs making the Importation & Manufacture of R-22 Illegal. After this date (and for a few more years) you can still buy and juice up A/C Systems. ( 'A type blackmarket' is very likely to exist a sad decade from now for R-22.. ) The U.K. has already had much stricter regulations for years now, imo similar restrictions will occur here.

    -Supply & Demand theory points to prices likely continuing to rise for Homeowners paying for Re-filling R-22. ( Think about it... year after year continuing to pay for a tech to stand there and release R-22 with a nice profit )

    - Most A/C Systems running on R-22 are NOWHERE Near as Efficient as Min Standards today. ( Pro Tip: A/C Systems might Decrease in Efficiency ~3% every year. A 10 SEER system ~15 years ago IS NOT a 10 SEER Today, systems may run for decades, but this Does Not mean they should... Todays Min. is 14 SEER and we don't like doing anything under 16 SEER )

    • Some Good News,
    - If you live in the City of College Station, you can enjoy Rebates up to $800 per System replacement while they last, and we're also running a promo to try to reimburse all system purchases. 80F on Christmas = All Services & Systems Free - Except any R-22*.

    - Sense of Urgency on Replacements - Pricing on systems & labor isn't likely to go lower - ever... for any HVAC contractor... We carry 3 different brands from 3 major manufactures to leverage price increases & tariffs, however we've seen half a dozen increases in 2019, and the next BIG ones are likely to occur Q1 2020.

    Any questions or concerns, please call us or your local A/C guy & ask. OR Comment below for discussion

    This is a Hot topic involving a decent sized home improvement in which many don't have a choice with. ( Financing does exist with many companies and payments often 'wash' energy bills )

    Our site is www.ecozapphvac.com and our office number is 833-924-6100. We are Local & Aggie owned - I am the owner and my background is in Environmental Design from Texas A&M School of Architecture. Our classes got addressed with this Situation over a decade ago. Now it's 2020 in ~2 months.

    We have built a business to help homeowners and to address these types of issues. Any A/C company that says different about the above topics; I Invite for an open discussion.

    Thanks & Gig'em
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