• If on Christmas Day 2019 the Temperature reaches 80F in College Station, Old A/C system replacements we perform during Fall Promo Period will be Reimbursed* . (Last time this temperature occurred on Christmas was in 2016)

  • Service, Repairs & Maintenance Plans purchased during Fall promo are also eligible for reimbursement (Except Re-Filling of R-22 which is Bad for the Ozone)*

  • EXTRA BONUS: If the Temperature doesn't reach 80F on Christmas Day 2019, EcoZapp will draw 1 name from A/C Replacements during Promo & Reimburse the system price. *

As with our many years of Home Services in this area- We are currently offering Discounts to customers who Schedule Fall Services early: We'll be giving a discount to fill our A/C Maintenance/ Repairs & Install Schedules until October 7th for this Fall*

  • Prices on A/C Equipment have been going up & are likely to increase more Jan. 1st 2020. ( We carry brands from 3 Major manufactures in the USA to help keep installs prices lower)

Thanks & Please visit our site to schedule or ask questions: https://ecozapphvac.com/contact-our-team-ecozapp-ac-efficiency

*visit www.ecozapphvac.com to learn conditions & details; and about how we're trying to reimburse homeowners who need to replace older r-22 A/C Systems.

( We're trying to make not worrying about your home A/C system ever again, about as easy as calling 833-924-6100) .