80F on Christmas Day = All Replacement Home A/C Systems & Services Free*

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Title Said it Right, (Since we don't have Johnny Football to ensure a Win over Alabama, we got creative )


- Backstory, We tried to do this in 2018 with our "SnowFlake Promo" - Problem was, It didn't snow

  • Come to find out in 2016 it hit 80F in College Station.
  • This far into the year it seems a bit warmer & warmer a little later - so who knows??

So, we thought it would be a Grand Idea if we took out a HUGE insurance policy in an attempt to Reimburse the Next 100 Home A/C System Replacements & Services we perform.

  • Basically- ALL Home A/C Replacements, Services & Maintenance Plans purchased will be covered. (Except- Re-Filling of R-22, which is NOT covered ( in fact R-22 might just be part of the issue on why we're betting on Warm temperatures on Christmas day & not expecting snow... but thats another story found here)

  • College Station is still offering up to $800 in Cash Rebates for Replacing Home A/C Systems as well*

Multiple Air Conditioning Replacement Brands which EcoZapp Carries & Offers to homeowners:

  • American Standard which is the same as Trane - Made in Tyler, Texas

  • Goodman & Amana from Daikin ( Made in that HUGE building in Waller- The one on the left past Buckees when going to Houston from B/CS)

  • Comfortmaker which is the same as Carrier - ICP Factory, Made in Memphis, TN

A former mayor recently asked us how so many Homeowners are supposed to handle the negative costs of replacing older Air Conditioning Systems dependent on R-22 as the R-22 Phase out occurs.
  • ( Learn about the R-22 Phaseout milestone on Jan. 1st 2020 by visiting our site or text OZONE to 38470)

So, Here's Part of our Answer:

  • Financing- With good credit we can usually find both short & longterm options at low interest rates. With not so perfect credit, we have 3rd party lenders & find the best solution possible.*(WAC)
  • Greater Selection of New Systems w/ Lower Fall Pricing- We've added more options & Brands of Equipment which we're now providing & now offering Early Fall Pricing to homeowners.
  • [/ol]

    3. The Opportunity of Getting Your A/C Services & Equipment for FREE* ( This would have to be the simplest way)

    • EXTRA BONUS: (Thank you for Reading this Far Down )
    • If the Temperature doesn't reach 80F on Christmas Day 2019, EcoZapp will draw 1 name from the A/C Replacements during Promo & Reimburse the system price - live on Facebook*

    * all of this is subject to terms & conditions which can be found by visiting our website https://ecozapphvac.com/homeowner-support-blogs/2019/9/5/anti-snowflake-fall-promo-80-degree-on-christmas-day-free-ac-systems-amp-services

    So, Would love to know everyone's thoughts- Pretty sure we have everything covered:

    • Great Install Team who's videos & work are posted to our site

    • 2nd Office in Houston opening next week to help us keep the pace

    • HUGE Insurance policy to cover the reimbursements to our customers

    • Experienced Techs in big vans to handle all Services

    • Great Team inside our office to handle Phone Calls, Warranty Info, Paperwork & be awesome at the customer service game.

    Thanks & Gig'em!

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    Always like to share the progress of what we're doing here for those interested.

    We are opening up our location in Tomball on Spring Cypress Rd!

    So if you happen to ever know of anyone in the Houston area who could use Home Air Conditioning Services or even Pest Control Services ( Plumbing soon) - we'll be moving into our 2nd location in Houston to keep up with our Same Day/ Next Day Service offerings in our service radius.


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    - Did anyone even read all this?? - Felt like it was a Bunch of text, but a few did ask questions.

    Side Note... B/CS Home & Garden Show is on Valentines Day weekend and we're excited to be selected as Title Sponsor for the 3rd year and hope to have something new & exciting to offer ( I bet we have a surprise or two)

    - Answer to a couple of questions asking about the promo.. This promo is an attempt to Reimburse ALL A/C Systems & Services we provide during the time frame, Except the re-filling of R-22.

    • R-22 basically destroys something like 100,000x Ozone particles per every R-22 particle that leaks from old A/C Systems. So if you get 2-3 pounds per year in re-fills in old A/C Systems that 2-3 pounds might just make 100,000x the impact when it gets exposed to the Ozone.
    • If we Demonstrated R-22 & the Ozone with Christmas lights, it would take 23 miles of Blue lights, and a Single Red Bulb would turn 23 miles of lights from Blue to Red. ( Think about this if your A/C system leaks R-22 every year)

    • Politics aside, we don't feel great about knowing this fact nor the vast amount of competitors making huge margins on R-22 re-fills. R-22 cost is dropping month-by-month for the contractors and the cost to the homeowners keep increasing- interesting huh..

    • Traditional minded A/C companies will continue to offer this service until the supply is gone.. we will not. Replacing Systems is expensive, but when we pack our trailers full of Air Ducts covered in Mold on a daily basis, the cost seems a bit less signifiant when homeowners see what we take out of their attics.

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    - Any Questions on this? The main one we've had via FB is if we've taken out an insurance policy to guarantee how we're going to pay the $79.00 to ~$8,000 to ~$15,000+ wagers we're making with homeowners.

    The Answer is YES! of course, we have our fingers crossed hoping it'll pay off & we get to write checks to all our customers who buy from us.

    • We really wish we could have a white Christmas w/ snow... but not so sure how likely that is.. I am a millennial and might not see snow here for awhile on Christmas. Seems the the U.S. is still debating weather a climate crisis is happening, while other nations are accepting the fact & making changes... who knows...
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