Left on red DDiamond

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Don't have many one way streets around here and the diverging diamond fiasco is close to a divided one way street. Exiting northbound to 60 we hit the red light going west (while for some reason there is not one southbound). Seems like we should be able to turn left on red instead of waiting for on empty road to turn green.
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Is there a sign that says no left on Red?
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Does not sound like a good idea. Over time Bryan put up a "No turn on red" sign at the intersection of Villa Maria and Briarcrest to discourage such experimental maneuvers. CS PD will probably remain content to write tickets, unless a muni judge keeps dismissing them or something.
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As a former Defensive Driver instructor I can answer this one. If you are on a one-way street and come to a red light at the intersection with another one-way street you might be able to make a left on red IF there isn't a sign directing you otherwise. But I'm 73 years old and in my lifetime have only been able to make a left on red once, many years ago in San Antonio. So don't hold your breath waiting for it.
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I drive that on a regular basis and never have problems.
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I used to run document hot shot deliveries in downtown Houston and would make left on reds all day long. I thought about the left on red at the DD but I was never first in line. There is No Right on Red signs heading toward campus though...which seems dumb.
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I hate the diverging diamond, but having a red light to turn west onto 60 from northbound 2818 makes sense. That light is red when westbound traffic on 60 is green. The bridge is too short for cars to be able to safely merge if traffic coming from 2818 and from 60 were trying to go west at the same time. Having the red light coming from 2818 allows traffic to alternate.

There is no light coming southbound from 2818 to 60 because there isn't the high traffic volume like there is turning onto 60 from the northbound lanes.

Pretty much every intersection on University Dr going through the Northgate area is now No Right Turn on Red and No U Turn for pedestrian safety.
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Not having to use the DD during peak times, I have no idea how well it has worked for helping traffic flow. Using it during off-peak times MANY times, it provides more wasted time and gas than I ever thought it would, waiting for a green light with no crossing traffic, wondering how far I would be if the previous intersection was in place.

We'll never know how lowering the speed limit to 30 mph, and having a typical (or a demand setup) traffic light setup, would have worked, for reducing accidents, while allowing unimpeded flow during the 20-22 hrs of "non-peak" traffic numbers.
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