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What is your go to menu item and why??

What restaurant and why is it so good??

Looking for some new things to try and lately we go to newly opened places that struggle with the pitfalls of just recently opening.

Lunch or dinner is fine. Always looking for a good meal at a solid price point, sometimes that is high end and sometimes that is hole in the wall
halibut sinclair
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Double meat death burger with cheese at Chicken Oil
Cajun fried steak at Razzoo's
Tacos a la Mexicana at Casa Rod
Meathead pizza at Mr. G's
Fish tacos at Fish Daddy's
Pork tenderloin milanese at Napa Flats
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Anything on the "traditional" menu at Wokamole
M.O.E. tots at Blake's
CFS at sodolak's
Green curry at kluay kluay
Steak at J Cody's

I'm sure I'll think of more
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Grilled fish tacos at Shipwreck

Sith Lord or Porkscription at Rx Pizza

Orange Chicken at Chef Cao

Mongolian Beef at T-Jin

Koppe Bridge burger & fries

40 Tempura - Texan Roll or 911 roll

Ronin- chicken fried steak, steak, fried chicken, scallops. IT'S ALL DELICIOUS

Madden's- chocolate Chile rubbed fillet

Casa Rodriguez- El Mobley half beef, half chicken

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Pepe's Mexican Cafe -- lunch combo meal, raco p, burrito, chalupa, and large drink. $4.78.
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Rx pizza Sith Lord
Mad Taco Beer short rib taco and gq app
Wings and More 10 piece medium garlic meal
Chick fil a- spicy Southwest chicken salad

That is about all the places I visit with regularity and order specific items. Not much help.
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halibut sinclair
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Salt and pepper shrimp at Imperial.
SPI-FlatsCatter 84
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ATKM: St louis ribs serrano sauce

La Carretera: Huevos Rancheros

Sodolaks: Meatloaf fries and greens

Shannons: Smothered chicken and dressing

Amico Nave: Lasagne

Plus most of those others listed above
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Chuys #4 combo: blue corn stacked enchilada with Hatch Green Chile sauce topped with a fried egg & a cheese relleno covered in boom-boom sauce

Harvey Washbangers: jalapeo cream cheese burger, add bacon

Jesses: breakfast taco: beans, Mexican eggs, potatoes, bacon, and green sauce

Fuego: queso fries topped with pico

Torchys: #5 breakfast taco (beans, potatoes, cheese) with avocado sauce

And now I'm hungry again.
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Conchanita Pibil and piccadillo tacos from Taco Bar.

Campeche fish tacos from Fuego's

Texas Burger double meat cheeseburger, with sweet potato fries.

Big Kahuna Philly Cheese Steak from Jersey Mikes. Finally got a good cheese steak place here.

Queso burrito from Pepe's with lots of their red sauce.

Buffalo Wild Wings mango habanero boneless wings with onion rings. Don't judge me. I love 'em.

Jesse's breakfast tacos.

Lasagna Siciliana at Frittella's. The eggplant layer in the middle puts it over the top.
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Blue Baker - DIY sandwich sourdough, dijon, balsamic glaze, red onions, sundried tomatoes, field greens, roasted red pepper, kalamatas, roasted mushrooms, basil. Cool, refreshing, good play between the sweet balsamic and sundried tomatoes and the salty kalamatas and dijon.

Chuy's - guac soft tacos, double beans bc screw ordering a hot plate of Tex-Mex in the summer when you can have cool refreshing guac tacs. But once it cools down, veggie enchiladas, no cheese, double beans.

Mad Taco - bean and cheese, no cheese, no aioli, add pineapple pico, and douse in smoked hot sauce. Always with chips and guac on the side.

Torchy's - DIY on flour with refried beans, escabeche, avocado, potato and that tomatillo-y sauce. Escabeche on everything!

Grub - fried b sprouts, no cheese or dressing (just straight up fried sprouts), and an order of split sweet potato fries and onion rings, BBQ sauce and chipotle ketchup on the side. They say they're roasted, but those sprouts are fatty, browned, and stupidly delicious so they may as well be fried.

Dat Dog - Vegan Werewolf made w the Beyond Brat and tots on the side, extra hot sauce put on at the table. Because I can order it without any special stipulations and that means a lot, plus a not-meat dog doesn't make you feel like a complete turd.

Blaze - Red sauce, veg chorizo, vegan cheese, pineapple, roasted garlic, balsamic drizzle. Arugula and roasted red pepper if I feel like having a droopy pizza. If you go ANYWHERE where you can add roasted garlic to your pizza and you're not, you're missing out. Also the balsamic glaze plays well with all the salty on the pizza.

Whataburger - I used to get a grilled cheese on Texas toast, add mustard, grilled onions, and jalapenos, and get the opposite (fries or onion rings) of whatever who I'm eating with gets so we can have a little bit of everything. Copious amounts of spicy ketchup and regular ketchup.

Hopdoddy - Impossible burger, Make It Vegan style. Sweet potato fries.
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Cracker Barrel

Grilled trout and baby limas
halibut sinclair
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La Botana - Simple Taco plate
Lupe Tortilla - The Taco Puff
Mo's - lasagna or fish & chips
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A few things/places I haven't seen mentioned yet. Some of these are good because they're good, some are good because they're like signature dishes, even if the quality itself doesn't quit put it on par with the others.

Cubana Torta - Raspas El Payasito - Best torta I've ever had. Has several different meats on it. Even if you don't speak any Spanish it's easy to order this one because you can just point to it on the menu, no additions/substitutions necessary. Be sure to get the jalapenos and squeeze some of that juice on there. Great with their green sauce. This is a top five BCS menu item in my opinion.

Barbacoa (though I like mine with potato and cheese) taco - La Familia Taqueria (called La Familia Dos on Google) - I think La Familia has the best barbacoa south of Villa Maria. It's on par with Jesse's. Maybe not quite as good, but if you live in CS it's a lot closer.

Tijuana Fries - Dixie Chicken - Maybe the B/CS's signature dish? Yes, it's an appetizer, but it's gotta go on the list.

Dr. Pepper Cowboy - Fuego - Brisket, BBQ sauce, chipotle cream corn... do I even need to keep going? This is also a top five BCS menu item.

Steak Taco or Chicken Quesadilla Pizza- Antonio's - Both awesome. You also can't go wrong with the Antonio's staple Chicken/Bacon/Ranch.

I know the OP said lunch and dinner, but some breakfast/brunch things also:

Chicken & French Toast - Stella Southern Cafe - I've heard Mess has the best chicken and waffles in town, but I haven't been there yet. Really like Stella's take on it.

The Morning After - 3rd on Main - Corn bread pancakes and pulled pork. This didn't sound great the first time I went there so I got something else and then had to watch people at my table eat this and regretted my decision the entire time.

Breakfast Panini - The Village - Sausage, bacon or ham with cheese, eggs and chipotle mayo. Tremendous breakfast sandwich. Bread is toasted on the outside so it has some crunch but it's nice and cheese on the inside. The Village has several good breakfast and lunch items (shoutout to the 100th Monkey) but this is my favorite.
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