Learner Driver License after turning 18 yr?

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My son will be 18 in a few weeks, at which time his Learner Driver License expires. He completed the classroom course last summer but has yet to complete the behind-the-wheel hours. The DPS website is not clear on what the process is for renewal if the applicant is over 18 yr). I really don't want to spend the day in line at the local office for them to tell me that we don't have what we need. Anyone have any information of what he needs to do to continue getting his driving hours?
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At 18 he should be able to just go in and take the test and get his license. That's how it worked when I turned 18.
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If I am remembering correctly, you should be able to go to the DPS with his current permit and get it renewed. You should also bring all of the paperwork with you as well as the *VoE if he is currently enrolled in a school.
I believe you also need to submit $$. Hope this helps. As long as the licensed driver parent is always present in the vehicle, there shouldn't be any issues. After all, Texas wants drivers who are thorough and competent, so if it takes a little longer, then that isn't a negative IMO.

*verification of enrollment ( this may be a problem this week if the offices are closed for spring break). If he has graduated high school then I'm not sure how the colleges do it for verification.
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Having gone through this with my wife (never drove until last year), once you hit 18 things are different.

The way the "permit" stuff is written assumes the learning driver is a minor.
Once you hit 18 you don't need all the forms, proof of drivers education, or VoE.
You just go to the DPS office and take the tests.
If you don't have the driving portion scheduled but pass the written exam, they will issue a license with a restriction that a licensed driver must be in the front passenger seat. there will not be any restriction on how many people can also be in the vehicle. You have all the rights of a full driver excepting you must have a licensed driver riding shotgun.
Once you take the driving test, they issue a full license.
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My son, 24 yrs old, just took the class at Austin Driving School, to get his learner's permit. Just $75. Pass the test there and only have to go to DPS to pay for the permit. My understanding was that the 6 hour class is required fromvage 18 to 24.
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