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DISH vs DirecTV vs Suddenlink

Just got a big boy TV and want to upgrade my TV package from the low end Suddenlink package that I have now. I'm not interested in the high dollar packages with every channel under the sun. Mainly interested in HD versions of the local stations, basic cable channels, and anything that will carry A&M/SEC sports. What are your experiences with each of our local options? Have any packages left you unable to watch a game? Have any of them left you missing out on channels that you wish you had?
You want Direct TV.

The DISH Guide and User Interface is horrible.

Call CEO Etc. They do our local installation and setup for DirectTV (among other things)


They will get you set up and handle everything, you'll be watching HD in no time.
theNetSmith, can you please explain?
I have no idea what that meant.

But judging from his name he might be suggesting you watch TV through your internet with HULU or something.....

It is possible to do that, but you have to have a fast reliable internet connection, something Suddenlink certainly doesn't provide....

I tried to get people on here excited about Google Fiber a few years ago, but it didn't take.
Looked into Roku and Hulu, but watching live events (i.e. sports) is only possible on local network TV with those, if I understand correctly.
justinTV for live sporting or espn3
Probably posted that because it's yet another thread about which to go with ... we switched from SuddenLink to DirectTV last month and I can't imagine EVER having anything else. Do it!

You'll still need a SuddenLink account for high-speed internet, however, and if you currently have cable TV through them, it will cost you a premium to ONLY have internet.

Funny how this keeps showing up - I like to think people really are finally getting fed up with bad service and moving to Direct TV...
I actually thought about that, but (1) I don't know if Roku devices will enable me to get, (2)I don't think typically has an HD stream, and (3)I don't know if typically has all sporting events.
Don't get Frustrated,Get Rid of Cable. GET DIRECT TV

"Don't Have a Grandson with a Dog Collar"

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In Bryan/College Station, DirecTV is the way to go.. Can you still bundle it with Verizon/DSL down there? I know you can bundle it with AT&T wireless..
Saratoga -
Has Dish's guide and user interfaced improved?
With the Hopper, Dish's guide is a little better now.

Let's go ski-man!
For those of you who have had both Dish and DirectTV, which do you think is better and why?
You won't be getting local channels in HD on Dish or Direct. The local CBS is in HD on Dish and Suddenlink and over the air, so if you're interested in SEC games, one of those two options is your best bet.

You won't be getting local channels in HD on Dish or Direct.
I had Dish for years and have Directv now. Both have local channels in HD with the one exception you mentioned - KBTX is not in HD on Directv. However, KWTX - the sister station out of Waco - is in HD on Directv, so there is no issue with watching SEC games in HD.
I've had Dish and Direct and I prefer Directv. The lowest package with directv does not have ESPNU which sometimes has aggie football and often aggie basketball. So spend the extra $5 and get the next package up.
I just made this decision a few months ago.... ended up choosing dish.

As bourbon said espnU is on a lower base package than directv which is saving me about $15/month. But they only currently have it in SD.

I also preferred the hopper UI to directv's new genie one. It is much more graphical which I preferred (channel logos show in the guide, show thumbnails, etc)

Another big selling point for me was the slingbox being builtin. I use it all the time when away from my house to watch stuff.

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I think most will agree that Suddenlink is the least desirable although I have heard it is improving. Nowadays, Dish and Direct are both excellent choices. Both have newer equipment that is very good and both are priced about the same. I would recommend you do a channel by channel comparison of the different packages for Direct and Dish and choose whichever has the best price for the channels you want. I know there is a local installer for Direct that posts on these boards and gets a lot of praise from his customers.

One note, as somebody else mentioned, Direct does not have KBTX in HD. This can be an issue if you are a Houston Texans fan because KBTX is a secondary market for the Texans while KWTX is not. KWTX is out of Waco which is a secondary market for the Cowboys. In short, there could be times where you would not be able to watch the Texans in HD because KWTX would not be carrying the game although KBTX would be carrying it but only in SD on Direct.
Direct TV is better than suddenlink.
Don't bother with Direct TV refer a friend, they don't pay.
The refer a friend paid with me. It did take 6ish weeks thought.

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Triple Post!

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We switch between Dish and Direct every 2 years when the contracts run out. So I can tell you literally every pro and con about each service. They're both definitely better than Suddenlink though.

If you like HD sports, I'd go with Direct though.

Brent is the Texags DirecTV guy. If you;re anywhere houston / CS area give him a call!

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If you got your first HD TV, compare what each provider carries in HD.

I have 2 channels that I'll watch in SD, but everything else is HD. I'd be upset if some of those channels weren't available in HD.

Once you start watching HD, you won't want to watch SD if HD is an option.
I'd switch to DTV but then I'd actually be paying more since suddenlink internet goes up if you don't bundle.

I think that's how they keep customers, not with good service, but just because people don't want to pay more and maintain two separate accounts.
Followup to my previous comment about Houston Texans games on Direct. Today was a perfect example of the issue I described. Dallas and Houston both had noon games on CBS. The Dallas game was considered the prime national game so it played in most markets. But, since BCS is a secondary market for the Texans KBTX played the Texans game while KWTX out of Waco played the Cowboys game. So any Direct customers that are Texans fans had to watch the game in SD instead of HD. I know there are a lot of local Texans fans so if you are trying to pick between Direct or Dish I would go with Dish unless you plan to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket.

Here is the coverage map to sort of explain what I am talking about:
On suddenlink we only got the Texans game
For those of you who have DirectTV and still have Suddenlink for high speed internet, how much do you pay for internet a month?

Haven't been able to locate the "unbundled" rate.
For those of you who have DirectTV and still have Suddenlink for high speed internet, how much do you pay for internet a month?

Haven't been able to locate the "unbundled" rate.

If you go to sudden and click on Internet you can find all of their rates in less than a minute.
DirectTv> > > > Dish> > > > > > > > > > > > > Suddenlink for tv. Suddenlink has been awful for tv.

I do have suddenlink for internet, though, because with my current housing situation, it's easiest. I pay $26 for 1.5 mb a month with Suddenlink. It's not "fast" or necessarily reliable all the time, but it's been decent enough at my new house. When I lived in other parts of CS though, it was awful. I had 10 mb when I lived close to the Southwest Pkwy/Hwy 6 area, and it was far less dependable than the 1.5 I have now.
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