Dodge truck commercial... So God made a farmer...

Wow. I didn't even like Dodges.
One of the best I've seen and Dodge sucks balls.

The Jeep commercial just after halftime was pretty good, too. I'm pretty sure she's supposed to buy me a Jeep. Or maybe I'm supposed to buy her one. Either way, we approve.
Chrysler always does good commercials... Made in Detroit, cars and freedom, so God made a farmer.

If I was running for office they would be doing my ads for sure.
Paul Harvey
Good day!
Put a lump in my throat, coming from farming heritage.

I miss Paul Harvey---

Still won't buy a Dodge
As a farmer and Christian it was fantastic!!
Got a lump in my throat on that one too.

"And so God made a farmer."
I missed seeing Paul Harveys name, but throughout the commercial I kept recognizing the voice, but couldn't put a face to it.

Great commercial. Damn I miss Paul Harvey....

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I never knew the impact of Paul Harvey until he was gone. Incredible commercial.
Pretty damn good
From experience, Dodge sucks. Paul Harvey is the man. Good Day!
From experience, Dodge sucks. Paul Harvey is the man. Good Day!

And that is the rest of the story.
Great commercial. Great trucks. Great man.
Best commercial! Got some dust in my eyes last night.
I can remember growing up on the family farm, working all morning on a hot summer day, walking in to my grandparents kitchen for another fantastic chicken fried steak lunch made by my granny, and listening to Paul Harvey on 104.9 kbuk. Wouldn't trade any of it.
I have zero farming heritage in my family, but I fully respect what those guys do. Great commercial
Best commercial in history!
I really miss Paul Harvey.
Best commercial,and I cant stand Dodge.

From experience, Dodge sucks. Paul Harvey is the man. Good Day!

From experience, Dodge rocks. Paul Harvey is the man. Good day!

Wells Lamont...they are stuuubbbburn about quality...Page 2
God bless farmers.

God bless Paul Harvey.

Always looked forward to lunch break and The Rest of the Story.
saw that, turned to my wife, and told her best ad of the night.
Great commercial! I'm also proud to say the commercial featured farmers from my hometown, Hondo, TX!

I saw on Facebook or Twitter...someone posted "Two types of people...1. those that loved "God Made a Farmer" and 2. dumb people.
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