AC ready for feet of snow?

Supposedly lots of rain from this storm. In west Virginia mountains, that could be a couple feet of snow...
I have family in Wise, Dickenson and Buchanan counties Va. and there under blizzard warning. Weird weather pattern were just outside of charlottesville getting rain and wind about 25-30 MPH and just over the Charlottesville mountain (Shenandoah National forest) could get some snow.
I lived outside cville in fluvanna cty for a few years. Made that drive over Afton many times, a few times i wondered if it was a sane decision.
Interesting my wife works in Fluvanna. Yeah that is an interesting drive over the mountain especially when its foggy or snowing. Especially with the no driving folks here in Va.
Life is old there, older than the trees...
It's coming... snowshoe mountain is forecast to get 40"...
Marion Va., and Bluefield WVa. getting snow now.
Already more than 12" in the higher elevations.
That's what she said?
AC looks like y'all getting quite a bit of snow.
Snowing hard. Power just flickered here at work. Needed 4WD to get in this morning. Wife is at home. Still have power at the house... for now.
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