What is the best way to control/kill bitterweed? And when is the best time to spray? Our place in rocksprings is covered in it right now. We sprayed a few years ago with grazon but I think it was too late in the year.
Old man Mitchell on Hackberry Rd. has Bitterweed Wash Required signs at his swing gate, I always wondered what it looks like, I'll try the Google.
We have a similar issue at two locations near Rocksprings. I believe that the drought last year, combined with the desparation of both domestic animals and wildlife did some real damage to the preferred plants and grasses. Everything that could be grazed was grazed down too much and some of it will be long in coming back. The country looked like a moonscape. The bitterweed, while not being grazed, just took that opportunity to take over. It is a huge problem. The brush cover and rocks do not really allow one to get in with a broadcast sprayer to get much coverage with any herbicide. The bitterweed washes are simply an attempt to limit the spread by vehicles, pretty much an uphill battle if you ask me. I do not know the answer, but agree with you on the problem. I am very interested if someone has an answer..........
Also, just a sidenote for the two posters above.... between the company I work for and my personal lease, we have over 20,000 acres leased for hunting around Rocksprings. I am up there a lot especially during whitetail season. I live in the North part of San Antonio. I am not looking for more work really, but I want to advise you as fellow Ags that I am a certified scorer for TPWD and for Texas Big Game Awards. Official scorers are not allowed to charge for scoring deer and I am not looking to get overwhelmed with work. However I am available to help fellow Ags in the Rocksprings area or San Antonio area in officially scoring your trophy if you need help. For more info you can e-mail me personally ""
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