Metal shooting target plans?

Anyone have plans or a link to plans? I'd like to build one this weekend, preferably one I can shoot to reset but that isnt a must. It would be cool to have a competition set up too. side by side targets for each shooter.

Also, how thick does the metal need to be for .223? Will 1/8" do it?

I'm wanting to say that the thickness will depend on what you are shooting, but I know we did a 1/4" plate with some cheap steel and a 30-06 didn't even knock it over (this was reactive target where one shot would set up the second)-just went right through and left a really pretty hole.
depends on the steel. soft stuff? go thick. 0.5" if you can.
For .223 you're going to need a minimum of 3/8" AR500 steel. You'll have to look around to find that grade of steel. Mild steel it will go straight through at that thickness. Mild steel of any thickness it is going to leave large pock marks and quickly destroy. A flat piece of steel isn't going to send much if any copper/lead fragments back at you. A target that has craters will.

Some pics from the private range I go to:

3/8" AR500 Steel, no divots from .223 and other rifles (Non-AP bullets only)

1" Mild Steel, large craters left by all rifle rounds.

there is a guy just north of dallas that builds what you want. you really have to have ar500 if you are going to shoot rifles.
I don't have any plans for you, but keep me in mind if you need any plate (including AR) cut on our CNC plasma table.
Some of the russin surplus ammo I shoot is steel core. Is this going to go through even the tough steel?
I just got done building one for pistols and AR's. I took 3/8" AR plate and cut two 8" and 6" circles plus one 4" circle. I welded a piece of 1" shafting to the back and topped it with a piece of pipe. I then slid the pipe over another shaft and attached it to legs allowing the circle target to spin around the shaft upon impact.
I plan on using them for fun competitions and arrainged them 8-6-4-6-8, so you shoot from the outside in and the first to hit the 4" plate wins. Haven't tried it yet but I think it will make for a soild target.
The cheap steel core stuff won't go through the AR500. If it's just a regular steel core .223 or 7.62x39 it won't do a lot of damage but might make some pock marks. The M855 5.56 steel penetrator round will do some damage to it. I know for a fact a 7.62x51 AP round will go straight through it.
Hmmm. Thanks for the replies guys. I guess this project will have to be put on hold.

Any idea where I can get the steel I need.

Aglax, how are you gonna keep the circles perpendicular to the ground? Seems like they'd tIp forward.
this is the place i was talking about

you want them to tip just a bit so that it not a 100% direct hit.
Cool! That website sells the steal.
Check ebay as well for AR500 steel plates, lots of sellers.
How about 7.62x54R steel core, is that going to go through AR500?
The regular steel core 7.62x54 will leave some light divots in AR500.
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