Lucchese owners

Worth the money? How are they compared to say, Justin or Larry Mahan?

Lookin at the Full Ostrich or Caiman/Alligator in particular
I have 3 pairs. Black cherry Full ostrich, brown smooth ostrich, and black gator. I have tried Justin, LM, Anderson bean and other but none have been as comfortable and easy to break in as my lucchese boots. For me they are totally worth the money. I have friends that swear by other boot makers but lucchese is the best in my book.

Try on several pairs of boots made of different leathers, by several different maker. Choose the one that is the most comfortable. I didn't mind paying the money for my boots because I will not have to buy another pair for a very long time.
i have a pair of the smooth ostrich and love em. dont wear em too often since their my dress boots but definitely more comfortable than ariats and tony lamas. i say they're worth it!
I own more pair than I care to admit and have been very pleased with them. They fit as comfortable as my tennis shoes and I've not had any blister problems like I did with my Redwings.

As far as comfort, they work well - particularly the Lucchese 2000 with the extra padding. I'll wear them outside in the pasture for hours on end as well as when I'm standing on concrete/thin carpet at tradeshows.

You can get a great price on them by signing up for Sheplers email and mailing lists and wait for a 33% off coupon.
I have a pair of black cherry ostrich that I bought in 1990 - they have outlasted every other pair of boots I ever owned AND are the most comfortable to boot {pun intended}

I have had Mahan's and Justin's as well...

They're in a whole different WORLD of quality from mahan...not even close.

Depends on the Justin....the higher end AQHA series is comparable but they luchesse are superior.
Have a pair of 1883's in Black Lizzard that I wear with dress slacks. Toe is a little narrow for my foot, but they are a damn fine boot. First wore them at my wedding reception.
1883's - Full Quill Ostrich in Dark Brown.

I could wear them to sleep and wouldn't even notice.
I own 5 pairs. 2 in buffalo with rubber on the soles for barn and riding use, Cognac full quill ostrich, black cheery smooth ostrich, and black lizard. They fit my feet so they are all I'll wear. I really like Lucchese but I'm not sure that it isn't just because they fit my feet. Any Texan should have at least one pair.
I have 2 pairs of my grandfather's old Lucchese's. One in regular calf skin and one in alligator. I don't think he took great care of the alligator ones though because they dried out and cracked before I got them. The calf skin ones are in pretty good shape for 40 years old or so. They were both custom made and fit for his foot. I was lucky and they fit me perfectly. Totally worth every penny. The quality and durability are outstanding. My wife has already said she will get me some for an anniversary gift one year that matches my grandfather's old ones. I still have a number of years left in these though. Highly recommend. I also have a pair of Leddy's in ostrich, and I like them a lot, but the Luccheses are more comfortable.
Own 2 pairs of Lucchese. Very pleased with both.

The guy who made my customs despises caiman. He won't use the stuff, period. Said the quality/cost ratio is extremely poor.

And here is a shameless showoff!

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Those are beautiful!
Worth. It.
I have a pair of Luchesse smooth ostrtrich.
VERY COMFORTABLE and well worth the money.
You won't be disappointed in a pair! I have 4.
I have (and love) smooth ostrich and European Goat in black cherry, and a 3rd pair of goat in brown. But I'll tell you if you can get some in Elk do it. They are like buttah on your feet, very soft. That said they don't last as long as the others. I had them 5-6 years before they crapped out. The others are still going after 10+ years. All have been resoled many times but still look great. Those boots are the best. In fact I've been meaning to replace those elks and you talked me into it.

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I have a pair in horse hide that are damn comfortable. I've never worn Mahans but will say they are better than Tony Lamas and MUCH better than Justins. I can't imagine a boot being any more comfortable. Don't believe anyone who tells you any boot is as comfortable as a tennis shoe, though. I know most people probably say this as an exaggeration, though.
La Patrona bought me my first pair last fall, full quill ostrich. I've been wearing boots since I could walk and these are the most comfortable pair I've ever owned. There wasn't even any break-in required. Great boots, and I plan to wear them for many years to come.
If you ever find yourself in El Paso, check out their outlet stores, they have two. Can get them for about half price. They'll also do mail orders.
Don't believe anyone who tells you any boot is as comfortable as a tennis shoe

Maybe not for walking around sea world all day, but, for lounging around I'd say my Ostrich Lucchese's are more comfortable than tennis shoes.

I have the Gator version too. Both are Lucchese classics and both are much more comfortable than my 1883's. I'd say get the Ostrich first
ostrich will hold up longer. I've always liked the way luchesse does ostrich. It's def. a full quill, but not huge pulls sticking out to get tatty looking. Don't go with the mustardy colors......they stain like a *******...

If you're not on your feet all day boots are as comfy as tennis shoes. Try walking in leather soles,on concrete, 6 days a week, with a 30 minute lunchbreak on an 8 hour day. They immediately become horrendous.

And yes I know Crepe's are better for that kind of thing, I wasn't allowed to have crepe soles...

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