Big pool in El Campo

I know it's been asked before but can someone with stars pull that thread back up for me please

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That is friggin' huge.
Meh, it's alright. I like my wal-mart easy-set pool better.
Imagine how many people could pee in that sucker!
El Campo

lol, that figures
probably just me, but that link has completely jammed my computer twice
I can't pull it up either Ursus. Damn
Thanks g
Why would anyone build something like that for a private residence? Even the Duggar family couldn't fill up a pool that big. I could see that at a hotel or resort maybe.
I had the same thing bid for my backyard. We had to VE it to a slip and slide.
Hmmm. I saw "huge swimming pool in El Campo" and just assumed I knew who the owner was going to be but I was wrong. One of the richest people that I know personally lives in El Campo, but that isn't his house.

(New Blue diamond for how much $$$ you need to build that pool.)
El Campo is a wealthy little town for sure
Holy crap!

Makes me feel silly for complaining about installing a new DE filter system this year.
What was the price?

I'd say 1.25 mil
Watched a brief special about the largest pool in the world. Its located at a resort in Chile. The beach/ocean is too dangerous/rough to swim in.

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Who the F is this Mobley guy? Anyone know how he made his dough?
Probably a guess but in googling El Campo Mobley gets you
"Heavy Construction Equipment Rental in El Campo, TX
Industry (SIC): Heavy Construction Equipment Rental and Leasing"
Overall, El Campo is not a wealthy town. There are a few families that are definately loaded to the gills though.

I used to do some business there. One thing I noticed was that the ones that did have $$$, had no issues with letting it flow.

Some families may have lots of cash, but don't tend to flaunt it, and some of those type of folks live in El Campo too.

However, there are plenty of loaded families in the Victoria area too. However, they seem a little more "restrained" in the use of said funds overall.

I know one family that is that way, and have "pool" that would rival that and one heck of a spread that is their fun place. But they drive used trucks and are very frugal, and if you did not know them very closely you'd never know, never know, they had that lattitude. They build most of their own stuff and put the cash in investments.

No knocks whatsover with the Mobley folks, or the good people of El Campo at all.

Just observations, that's all.
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