Does ATT or Best Buy buy back old Iphones?

I am eligible for an upgrade. I want to get the new iphone 5. I currently have the 3gs. I was wondering if either of these stores will buy back my current phone. Thanks.
Best Buy was buying back phones last year.
You could try

Never used them myself though
Amazon buys old phones as well, no room for negotiation there though. You could always eBay it.
I'm giving Ebay Instant Sale a try with my 4S. Here's the link for the 3GS:
Thanks for the link for that ebay deal. I've got an old 4 laying around that is water damaged that I can sell for $125. back on that if you would, I've got a 4 in great shape that I wouldn't mind selling when I get my new one.
I used Best buy in August to go from Iphone 4 to S 2 skyrocket with AT&T upgrade.

Walked in there with an Iphone 4 & 3gs, walked out with new phone, case, screen cover and $150 still in gift cards. Crazy good deal. Not sure if they have decreased how much they are paying though. I think they gave me 150-200 for the 4 and $50 for the 3gs.
Target is buying iPhone 4's for around $140 and iPhone 4S's for around $245
I'm giving the Amazon Trade-In a try. They'll give up to $210 (in the form of an Amazon Gift Card) for an iPhone 4 in Like New condition. I buy a lot on Amazon so it was worth it for me. I have until Friday 9/21 to ship it, which is good since that's when I'll get my new phone.

I took my iPhone 3GS to best buy yesterday. I Was offered $120 for trade in. Salesman said it changes daily. They said they were offering around 250 for the 4 and 4s. FYI.
YES Best Buy does, and they give good money for it too.

I got $80 for my Captivate when others wouldn't give me more than $25.
wife and i are trading in our iPhone 4's for around $200/ea, plus, our 3 year old HTC Hero for around $25/ea at Best Buy. Looking forward to the new iPhone!
I sold my 32gb 3GS to Amazon about 3 weeks ago and got $140 credit. There are only 3 conditions, and mine was in "Good", but if it was considered "Poor" I would have only gotten $40. Still not a bad deal for a 3+ year old phone.
For those that have used Amazon, did you have the charger? I've got a couple of old 3GS phones but don't have the extra chargers. I'm wondering how that impacts the good condition price.

Edit: My own update. It looks like that drops the phone to acceptable condition. I need to find a charger and a cable for cheap because otherwise my old phones are Good condition.

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GameStop does.
I used Gazelle for my 4 and got 175. they also gave me over $300 for a an almost 5 5 year old macbookpro i no longer used.

Super easy with Gazelle.
At Best Buy, do you get store credit for any Best Buy purchase or do you have to be buying a new phone from there to be able to trade in your old one?

I have some items I want to get from Best Buy but already have my Iphone 5s pre-ordered.
ATT bought my wifes iPhone 4 back for $150.
At best buy, it is for any purchase in the store.
Thanks for the link for that ebay deal. I've got an old 4 laying around that is water damaged that I can sell for $125.

Should have traded in earlier, went to print a label this morning and it was down to $38.

Went with Gazelle for $47 GC to Amazon.

Sent in my 4S to eBay Instant Sale on Friday and last night they deposited the $325 into my PayPal account. Quick, easy and painless.
That's pretty damn good.

Mine was a non functional 4.
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