What smartphone has the BEST reception?

Among any carrier, what currently offered smart phone has the best RF reception. I mean the best ability to pick up a USABLE signal in weak areas.

I currently have a Torch, and the reception on it absolutely sucks...its beyond terrible. We have two of them, and even with 3 bars of GSM or EDGE you cannot get anything more than an unintelligible garble.

I have a two year contract on these new phones, but will be canceling if necessary to get a phone or service that works.

Im thinking blackberries are out. What about Iphone...is it any good for reception? LG? Anyone?
I've always figure Nokia phones to have the best reception...but their recent smartphones aren't anything to write home about.

Other than that, no idea.
You're asking a question without an answer. The biggest variable here is network, not phone. ATT is obviously the worst, so that's your first problem. Luckily, Verizon exists. Motorola is probably the most experienced phone company when it comes to radios (according to Myriam Joire anyway), so I would recommend any Motorola Droids. My Droid has never dropped a call. Ever.

Good luck.
I switched to AT&T a while ago and recieved poor reception and service at my home. That was because with Verizon, my previous carrier, I recieved NO service. Imagine a new Verizon phone that says 'NO SERVICE" for 22 out of 24 hours a day...yeah, it was like that. Sprint is equally poor. My previous Nokia phones that were 5 years old grabbed a better signal than a brand new high speed Blackberry...which is disappointing. AT&T (so far) has worked in areas where Verizon and Sprint fail altogether. That's why I think its the phone. My buddies that come out have Verizon and get no usable service, even outside. Yes, its the carrier as well, a tower closer than 5 miles away would be great, but thats what I got so I need equipment to work with that. This is where it counts, I can use Uncle bubba's cell service in town and get a great signal, but here, I think AT&T is what Im stuck with.

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I get great reception with my Nokia N8 on AT&T.
I don't think its offered anymore. Im starting to eye the Motorola Bravo.

Dammit....i really like this blackberry though. ugh...

Just to be clear, I have no allegiance to any one carrier. For whatever reason, I must be in a slight valley, but reception is poor. On this blackberry I get three bars (GSM), but you can't understand anyone you call and they can't understand you.

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All I can offer is that everyone I know with either an iPhone or a Blackberry complains constantly about AT&T's reception here in Dallas, myself included.
Nokia designs the best hardware for their phones than any other company. So its no surprise that their phones have the best RF reception.
Sorry to hijack.
But, MGS do you like the N8? I can't decide if I should get an N8 or the E7? I'm still rockin out with an E71.
OK, so Iphone 4 would not be a good choice over say, a Motorola Bravo?
I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume you don't have broadband in your area?
If you do, you could consider a microcell...however that only helps outgoing calls and only near the cell (ie at or near your house).
FWIW, I got good reception with my Droid Incredible (Verizon) when we were out at my buddy's ranch. My previous phone was a samsung flip phone on AT&T and I always had trouble getting a good signal out there with that phone.

Maybe one of the HTC Windows Phone 7 devices (Surround, Tilt2) would work for you?

Tough thing is that each phone has different reception characteristics, so it's difficult to say "All phones from x manufacturer get better reception"...although I kind of make an exception for Nokia.
Yeah, the Nokia brand is stellar for reception. I may have to try a few phones and if that doesnt pan out, switch over to Verizon.

I would LOVE to try the N8, but its not offered by AT&T yet around here.

When will it be available?

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I have yet to drop a call with my Captivate.

My N8 is ok. It has a great camera and it has solid construction. The Symbian OS may not be the greatest, but it is underrated. The phone does what I need it to.

As for the E7, I've played a little bit with one, but found it a little to bulky for my tastes. I also think the camera is crap and lack of removable memory is inexcusable.
so you're not talking about frequent travels on back roads, remote places, etc? your problem is predominantly service at your house?

I wonder if there are resources out there to compare map signal strength at a particular spot?
Or if there are tools you can get to do the testing yourself?

just because you have bars doesn't mean you have useful signal from your carrier. your phone could be picking up a strong signal from someone else's network, as i have been told and understand those signal strength indicators.

Yeah, we live in a rural area. I can get bars on some phones, but its not a usable signal. Tried 4 different phones so far, all of them suck. The blackberry and Samsung Focus drew in a signal but it was bad. The samsung signal was marginally usable, blackberry was terrible.
where do you live?
Well west of Katy.

The best part is taking the phones to AT&T and having the goon there argue that the map says you have coverage, so it must be true and then try to charge 15 bucks to restock each phone.


Fortunately, this guy was able to be wrangled in with "yeah, we won't be doing any restocking fees, just go grab your manager now."

Later, I get to reverse my 2 year contract and get all my money back....fun times. :/
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