Fired Because He is White

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fka ftc said:

Whilst there are ADDITIONAL protections against protected classes, you are still protected. What's why I said his easier route to get paid would be as a walking poster boy of woke discrimination.

Are White employees protected from race discrimination even though they are not a minority?

Yes. You are protected from different treatment at work on the basis of your race, whether you are White, Black, or some other race.

Laws don't matter anymore, you should know this when it comes to discrimination against whites.
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Ramdiesel said:

titan said:

Ramdiesel said:

sam callahan said:

We are 20 years or less from this happening here.

It's happening everywhere already.. The corporation I work for (A fortune 500 company, maybe top 100 now) just last year opened up all management positions and made all managers re-apply for their jobs. You can probably guess which managers got replaced with women of color of all different races other than white. They said it was because we didn't have enough women managers. Now we got all people of color in management in our office and no white managers (men or women) at all...
They have managers in some critical positions that are totally unqualified for the job and just don't care.
They should take their company secrets and what learned and setup a rival firm.

It would be nice if they could, but doubtful they could compete, the company I work for has an in house designed software that works like a champ 99.9% of the time, and a carved in stone contract with a major credit card company for almost 2 decades now. It would be hard to get any credit card companies to move away from the platforms they use now, they have generally been using the same stuff for decades and not willing to make many changes that could impact customers..

Google Search was 10x better 10 years ago and now that they have replaced a ton of people with non-whites, it all sucks. This is guaranteed to happen to your company because it always happens. The high end product gets tweaked and begins failing far more often.
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dixichkn said:

This isn't exactly some new phenomenon. I was passed over for a promotion in 1996 at the large Fortune 100 I was working for at the time. Prior to the interview I spent some time with one of the managers involved in the promotional decision and in a moment of total candor (which apparently you could get away with at the time, damn sure not the case anymore) straight up told me "look, if it were 100% up to me, you'd be our guy. But in light of the current situation (apparently the company was being hit with a few discrimination suits at the time)…… we just can't really go with you at the moment. Our hands are kinda tied. Hang in there and I promise you, when the time is right we'll move you on up,". I thanked him for his honesty, followed through with the interview and almost immediately got my resume updated and put in my two weeks. A hard lesson for a young naive kid, but it was a nice cold slap of the new reality.

Come to find out, the minority female I was passed over for was let go by the company less than 8 months later because she just turned out to be highly incompetent. You reap what you sow.
And that last is what never happens in the Federal government level as witness the WH Press secretary and the new SC justice. Only change in which party is majority ever impacts that.
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