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From the TNT show "Dallas" episode 3 (Playing Chicken) March 10, 2014

Episode Synopsis

JR's son John Ross has surface rights and plans on fracking on South Fork. Bobby is unable to convince the Railroad Commissioner to pull John Ross's permit and refuses because it would make him look weak on drilling saying "Texas is an oil state".

In order to finally put a halt to the fracking, Bobby gets a hold of the Sierra Club and determines that the Lesser Prairie Chicken needs to be reintroduced to South Ranch to help the environment.

Our POTUS and the geniuses in his administration March 27, 2014

Fox News article: Critics Cry Foul

The Obama administration on Thursday announced plans to place the lesser prairie chicken on a list of threatened species, a move that drew the ire of some lawmakers and energy producers who derided the decision as an "overreach."
Heard from a oil guy in New Mexico that they can only work during certain times of the day because of the prairie chicken.
I call B.S. There's no fracking going on in eastern Collin county
and it's laughable to hear Obama supporters claim Obama is pro-energy.

keystone, no.

offshore drilling, no.

federal land for oil drilling, no.

coal, no.

prairie chicken, yes.
So does that mean that in 3 years we'll wake up and this Obama Administration has all been a bad dream?

Reference for those too young to remember.
Politics is entertainment. It's all show, it's all B.S.
They are also close to listing the sage grouse as endangered. If that happens its going to be a disaster for public land ranchers and oil and gas companies.
Prairie chickens are delicious.
Prairie Chicken = "Big-giant-friggin'-yard bird"?
Maryland pulls an Underwood on ‘House of Cards’ -- with vote to seize property if cast leaves state

In a classic case of life imitating art, Maryland lawmakers made a cutthroat move against the "House of Cards" production team -- threatening to seize their property through eminent domain if they stop filming in the state.

"I literally thought: What is an appropriate Frank Underwood response to a threat like this?" Delegate William Frick said, according to The Washington Post. "Eminent domain really struck me as the most dramatic response."
Heard from a oil guy in New Mexico that they can only work during certain times of the day because of the prairie chicken.

This is 100% true. Not in all areas but we were servicing a well last year that required no truck movement or operations between 3 AM and 10 AM due to the protection of prairie chickens.

Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

Double Talkin' Jive...
Looney-ness over wildlife abounds.

The local wildlife refuge tried to stop overnight camping because it would distrub deer breeding.

That's right, the same deer that cross nearby highways, graze flower beds in neighborhoods, etc. etc. apparently are unable to fornicate if humans are sleeping in tents on three small camping areas of the 7,664 acre refuge. That's 12 square miles for anyone counting. There's also several thousand acres of private grassland surrounding the refuge.
I posted this on the Hollywood thread, too:

Saw an episode of The Mentalist a couple of weeks ago. The bad guys in the show were fracers. A family even turned on the kitchen faucet and had flames come out. It was beyond pathetic.

Gotta love The Ministry of Truth. This country is finished.
That's BS

when a rutting buck is all horned up he is oblivious to even his own health
So you're saying USFWS did something seemingly beneficial for deer at a WILDLIFE REFUGE? How absurd.

And the prairie chicken precautions are justified. Most of their preferred habitat has been altered and is unusable. When there is <40,000 of something that used to number in the millions you might have to stop and do something about it.
No, I'm saying that the USFWS tried (didn't get approved) to do something completely useless and unnecessary at a wildlife refuge for a population that large enough to be hunted.
Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh... Most prairie chickens are actually endangered, and they're not your normal garden variety chicken. They're actually native Texas birds. There is something like only a few hundred Attwater prairie chickens left in the wild.

Do I think this might actually be politically motivated? Yeah. It probably is. Is it a huge stretch? Not as much as you would think.
Y'all do realize that TV shows are created by writers. Those writers are usually dope-smoking hippies with or without Liberal Arts degrees.

None of them really know anything about Engineering, especially Petroleum. And if any of them do, they are somebody like Janeane Garofalo who hates their parents and has an ax to grind with the industry that was responsible for their livelihood growing up.

And don't let yourself think for 2 seconds that those writers don't have an ax to grind with the Engineering types who worked hard in college and then looked down on the "lazy" "dope smoking" writers for the first 5-20 years of their careers.

Every once in a while the writers get some success and you better believe they're going to make the most of it. There are a lot more failed writers at Starbucks in Burbank who spend most of their time ironically - hating on the haters who have been successful.
Just saw Andrew Zimmern eat one (prairie chicken) in Puerto Rico on an episode on Bizarre Foods. He said the meat was lean.
CanyonAg -- Wake up in 3 years? I'm not so damn sure about waking up in the morning with Clarabelle honking the Federal horn.
Y'all do realize that TV shows are created by writers. Those writers are usually dope-smoking hippies with or without Liberal Arts degrees.

And 99.99% of them have never been to Texas.

I happened to scan by an episode of the original Dallas and stopped because they were talking about the Ewing oil field in Lamesa.

They said it as La-may-sa, which is correct in Spanish. But in West Texan, you pronounce it La-ME-suh.

So I watched a bit, and they showed a character talking to a guy in a patrol car marked "Dawson County", so at least they got that right, and they were talking about LaMEsuh. But then they showed the oil field: A line of wooden derricks from the 1920s standing tall over a line of trees.

Yeah, they'd never been to Dawson County. The only thing they got right was that there is oil in Dawson.
The writers don't have even close to the last word on what goes into a tv show. Studio and network executives go over these scripts.

They want what's edgy, happening.

With something like this, the studio and the network are going to want to keep Obama happy. I'm actually surprised they don't just contact the higher ups on this.
My point was life was imitating art, not that Obama secretly help write scripts to insert leftty politics into our flyover state homes. Hollywood's been doing this sorts of progressive drops for as long as I can remember. This was just one specific case where they seemed to exactly cross on the same bird with a similar outcome if Wildlife and Game board were proactive enough.
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