Time to fess up

there was no layoff of anyone at my office.

Any of you reddit dweebs can check my employment records or call my office on Monday.


I was merely making a hypothetical because of frustration with decreased reimbursements and future increased taxes.

It is really hard to believe that simply by posting a topic on the internet that I could make newspapers, several national talk radio talk shows-WITHOUT ANY VERIFICATION.

Whatever. What has the US become when you have entire web sites of people sitting around just waiting to screw with people and their families without even checking out the source.

Granted, all of this is my fault but any "Ag" who would screw with other Ags or this website because of one unverified post needs to seriously check out their life.

All you lefties can call off the preemptive strikes on me or my family, my wife actually was the one who made me do this because she feared for our safety.

I am done.

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It sucks that people were so hateful towards you.
I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.
Lol at all the clowns who got riled up and made a big political message out of all of this (Republicans and Democrats).
Sheesh, this whole soap opera was pathetic all the way around by all those involved if you ask me.
Hang in there doc. Troll of the century.
I didn't get riled up. I kind of thought it was BS. I will give credit where credit is due, though - several liberals on this board did not get caught up in the"get derm" mania. Others, D88 for example, were exposed as the easily manipulated pea-brains they are.

I think this is all funny.
+1 {with AG97}

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Hell Alan Colmes was reaming me without checking any sources.

My hometown newspaper had a story on it(but it only said a Texas doctor).

Is it a crime to tell a story on the internet to make a political point?

What happened to journalism?

NOONE checked any sources.

And DermDoc, if your family is truly concern for their safety, maybe it would be wise to notify the local PD about the possibility of something happening.

Be well my friend.
Trolling is certainly one way to vent frustration

Take it easy
NOONE checked any sources

It's also funny because no laws were broken.

Sorry @AlanColmes , it is NOT a crime to fire someone because of the way they voted. You need to bone up on the law a bit.
about 6 hours ago via web

Is making up a story breaking the law?

On the frickin' internet?
Dermdoc - thanks for the update. As a token "lib" on the board, I'm glad you didn't have to lay off anyone, and wish the best for you and your practice. We can vote differently, and have different beliefs, and still strive for a better system - whatever that might be.
I'm glad you're back
I don't believe it is. But it showed how the libs think. Even though no law was broken (if the story was true) they still were out for blood and calling for lawsuits.
Hands down, dermdoc officially wins troll of the CENTURY. Well done, Sir.
page 1!!!!!!!
Page 1.

Troll of the Year.
PAGE 1!!!!!!!
The only way this could have been better is if you had fired your LaserDisc technician.
BTW - Tell your wife to get a sack, if she can't handle "Internet Tough Guys."

Welcome Back.
Dermdoc wasn't trolling to purposefully get a rise out of people. He was doing it to prove a point and look like a tough guy on Texags. Why are you congratulating him. He just lied to make himself look like a bad ass, not play a massive joke on the board.
I'm so sorry this happened to you Derm. My thoughts and prayers to you and yours, especially Mrs. Derm, it's obvious that it affected her deeply.
holy effin 1
I'm still kind of doubting that this was a troll.

I bet he actually did it, but had no idea it would backfire as it did. First he just took the thread down, then after sitting for a while he figured he should log back in and pretend like it was all a joke?

Who would seriously ask to see your employment records? I bet you are counting on no one doing it!

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It is somewhat ironic that all the folks who rejoiced in the laying off of someone now rejoice in the pretend laying off of someone.

If it really happened, "yay!"

If it's a joke, "yay!"

I guess the good part is that no one got laid off.
He just lied to make himself look like a bad ass, not play a massive joke on the board.

And Obama lied to stroke his ego and not to benefit the American people. What's your point?
Its the great Texags hypocrisy.

I call this board the "zoo"
lol no one is talking about Obama! Get on subject!
You lied and it spiraled out of control. You just look foolish.
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