Have you ever met any rude celebrities?

What were the cool Jordan stories?

I met Mystikal the rapper at SPI one year during spring break. He was outside McDonalds eating a Big Mac before performing later on that night. I ran up to him and he told his body guard it was okay. He had a blingy no limit soldier chain on. Nice guy, talked to him for a bit.

I also recently met George Foreman and his wife. They were both very nice and easy to talk to.
One fine summer at the semiweekly newspaper, we got a call that Lawrence Taylor was playing golf locally during a high school's booster club tournament and were invited out to interview him.

Once at the clubhouse, a booster club mom started telling me what Lawrence Taylor was wearing, at which point I said, "I think I'll probably be able to pick him out."

We drove around til we found LT's quartet, which also included Nick Van Exel for some reason. At first, we were mistaken for being the drink cart, but then we explained we were from the local rag and could we ask a few questions.

LT's response was (clean version), "I'm not answering no mo-effing questions from no mo-effing newspaper when I'm out here trying to play some mo-effing golf." He then lit a cigar and stalked off.

Slightly taken aback, we stood there a moment while one of his companions told us, "Sorry guys, I'll talk to him." He then exchanged hushed words with LT, and we were told after LT's next tee shot, we would be granted 2 minutes to talk to him.

After his next drive, the 2 minutes commenced. I asked what brought him to town and he said a football camp for a real good friend of his "Corey somebody", who had gone to high school in Houston. Most of the two minutes were spent with LT trying to guess Corey's last name, finally deciding it was "Raven", at which point I harbored the idea that it was actually Corey Redding, who had played for the Ravens. That turned out to be true.

The next question was about his opinion of the NY Giants victory over the previously undefeated New England Patriots in that year's Super Bowl. LT's response was that "the Giants had done him proud and finally shut that b**tch-ass cracker Brady up."

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I'll go with biggest dick and nicest and spare the rest.

Biggest dick by far Lance Armstrong.

Nicest was drew Barrymore. Actually met/dealt with them both on the same day
finally shut that b**tch-ass cracker Brady up."


And like I said Bunk, I've talked to several people here in Austin that have dealt with Lance in a variety of ways and every story he wasn't just a jerk, but indeed the biggest dick on the planet.
Whoever has issues with TCTTS name dropping can see me first. I will pound the idea straight out the back of your eye sockets.
I also forgot I met Ryan Dunn and Don Vito, at this small tour they did. They were pretty cool, and Vito was exactly like he was on the show.

Ryan Dunn was actually very nice. I got called up on stage to do this stunt where they gave me like a super wedgie with a rope over a ladder. Dunn actually pulled me aside and said "Hey man you don't have to if you don't want to" but of course at 20 years old I was all for it.

Afterward Dunn drank a beer with me. He was in a good mood and a genuinely fun loving guy.

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On a side note, I got to talk extensively with Victoria Jackson and she's an absolute sweetheart and is nothing like her on screen characters.

I've met Deion Sanders and he's a complete hoax. I've never met someone who can afford tennis equipment but walks out of the store because they won't give him the employee discount. BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT EMPLOYEES!

I've met Michael Irving and used to work a floor below Troy Aikman. I rode the elevator with him a lot. He's a great guy.

Much appreciated, AGSPORTSFAN07.
met Bill Bates and Leon Lett, both very nice. Bates let me wear his SB ring for a minute. pretty awesome experience for a 10-11 yr old

Mia Hamm was ok, she seemed pretty self-involved when I met her, Janet Evans(former olympic swimmer) was really nice though

My dad rode on an elevator with Eric Dickerson back in the day and he said Dickerson had on a full length mink coat and 2 of the nicest looking hookers he'd ever seen

I worked at the Rec in college and one day I was outside helping direct parking for a regional basketball tournament when 2 escalades pulled up and a bunch of suits hopped out followed by George H.W. Bush in a track suit! He called over to me and a friend and was like "howdy boys! how's it going?" all i could say was doing good mr. president, enjoy your workout". seemed like an extremely nice guy

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Dude, One time Bush Sr. said hi to me and my roommate in the Rec too. We were just talking and looked up and two Secret Service agents and Sr. were walking right towards us.

He said pretty much the same thing, and neither one of us could manage to get a word out. I have never gotten star struck with any celebs, but man when the former most powerful man in the world speaks to you it registers.

Is there anyway you could shoot me an email? I am willing to bet you know the company I am talking about, and any advice would be really, really appreciated.

My email is in my profile.
1998 I was in LA with the marketing manager of the company I was working for at the time. We get done at the office and on the way to the hotel he's giving someone direction on where we are at. He then tells me he went to high school in the Chicago area with Vince Vaughn and they were good friends and he was going to come pick him up at the hotel and take him out in LA. I completely blew it off. Well, an hour later I get off a treadmill and walk through the hotel lobby and there is my co-worker talking to Vince Vaugn and Calista Flockhart. He waves me over and I walk up and get introduced. I am soaking wet with sweat from head to toe, red in face, probably smell like ass. perfect timing. So Vince goes to shake my hand and I kind of pull back because my hands are so sweaty but he he grabs my hand anyway and says "it's cool, just sweat right? Calista on the other hand passed on the handshake. So then he says "so, good workout?" and I replied "no, I just get really nervous around celebrities" which I guess he tought was funny. So anyway, my co-worker had to get back to his room to get something so I stood there for 10 minutes shooting the bull with him. Really nice guy. So when my co-worker gets back they start walking to the car and Vince asks me if I want to come to. Not thinking they would want to wait on me to change I passed. He says nah, we'll get a drink, just go grab a shower. I was supposed to have dinner with my boss and I was new at the company so I again passed.

What a mistake that was. My buddy ended up staying wherever it was Vince was staying and got dropped off at our hotel at 7:00 the next morning by some gopher. Regretted that one. Never before or since got invited out on the town like that.

Oh yeah, this was supposed to be about mean celebrities. In hawaii we ran in to Kareem Abdul Jabar when we were kids. My little brother was a huge basketball fan and only about seven years old at the time. I walked my little brother up to him to ask for an autograph and he literally lowered himself down my brother's eye level and yelled NO in his face. Ass hole.
I think the trend we are seeing:

Movie and TV stars: Mostly cool

Athletes: Mostly dicks
SP - I was at game day luncheon in the MSC in 2006 with my older son with me who was only one at the time. Bush 41 was at the table across from us. When he got up to leave I grabbed the baby and followed him out the door to get a picture. Secret Service spun around on me which caught Bush's attention. But he did stop to take a picture with my baby boy which was pretty darn cool.
I read this whole thread wondering if anyone would mention GWH Bush. We were out playing football one day near the GB library and saw him out running with his secret service guys. We were just joking around, but hollered at him to come join us. He stopped, turned, smiled, waved and yelled "Maybe next time!"

I thought that was pretty cool. He was pretty far away from us and could have just completely ignored us. He just seemed like a pretty cool guy
Bush Sr. is awesome.

Did anyone see him at the Astros game the other day (either first or second game of the year) They were interviewing him and he said something like "Hopefully they will be better than last year. They were absolutely terrible"

The reporter replied "I think you're the only person that's allowed to say that"

It was hilarious.
Oh yeah, this was supposed to be about mean celebrities. In hawaii we ran in to Kareem Abdul Jabar when we were kids. My little brother was a huge basketball fan and only about seven years old at the time. I walked my little brother up to him to ask for an autograph and he literally lowered himself down my brother's eye level and yelled NO in his face. Ass hole.

did your brother tell him he doesn't work hard on defense, except for in the playoffs?
My wife's cousin was a Marine One pilot from 2004-2008. Putting all politics aside, he'll be a fan of the Bush's for life. Said that George (43) and Laura Bush were incredibly kind and respectful to him, the other Marines, and the Secret Service agents. He also said that Jenna Bush is funny as hell and a penchant for border line suitable jokes.
Movie and TV stars: Mostly cool

Athletes: Mostly dicks

Haven't met many movie or TV stars, but I have met a ton of musicians and a bunch of athletes (many not big enough to name here). It always shocked me how the athletes tended to be dicks while the rock stars were cool. Then it dawned on me. If you are a professional athlete youhave been the best at your sport since you were a little kid and have lived your whole life with people kissing your ass & telling you how great you are. Rock stars (and probably actors too) have almost all had to tough it out through hard times trying to succeed in their business living 4-5 people to a 1-bedroom apartment with no money for food. I guess they're closer to the "common man" than we think.
Doug, he did, but only after I asked him if he'd ever been in a Turkish prison. He just mumbled something about having to drag Laimbeer up and down the court.

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I saw 41 running in Memorial Park in Houston back in 1994 or 1995. He was gracious to everyone who came up to talk to him.
I spent a day with Ken Jeong (The hangover, Zookeeper) very nice guy. My daughter and two other kids had a small part in the Zookeeper from the Make a Wish Foundation. Their part was unfortunately later cut from the final print. Kevin James at his own expense flew ours and two other families to the Hollywood premier. James was very cool, super nice guy!
I've met a lot of athletes. Wouldn't say all of them are dicks...also depends on what sport you are talking about. I've also met a bunch of musicians and they DO tend to be more laid-back and cool.
Never met any big celebrities except for Taylor Swift's former banjo player, who's also c/o '01.

One of my buddies got flipped off by Matthew McConnoughy (sp?) at the tu game in 2000. It was our zip year, and it was a Corps Trip, so even us Qs had to get ourselves to Austin. My buddy rode with his brother, and they got in a minor accident on the way. They were late getting to the stadium, so he got into his uniform on the way there. They are walking through the crowd outside DKR, when his brother says, "hey, look! It's Matthew McConnoughy!" Apparently Ol' Stinky heard this, because he spun his head around to look at them and, seeing a pair of Aggie boots, flipped the double-bird, and walked away.

Effin' t-sip.
we had 41 stop by our tailgate when we played ND in '01. that was cool.

oh, shared an elevator with Diane Lokey Farb one time - she had a cup of coffee, i said it smelled good, she just sort of smiled. she could have been more friendly. then again, her face dont move much.
I was in the Singing Cadets for a couple of years we got to hang out with Bush Sr. and Barbara constantly.

He would always want special concerts which we did happily. At one of our concerts we made him an honorary singing cadet. He came up and put his arm around my shoulder while we sang proud to be an American.

The flash bulbs going off were crazy and I was standing there singing with Bush Sr. side hugging me.

He had us sing for Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Bush School. He also had us go up to Washington and sing at the White House for W and the winter olympians.

Sex Panther - just sent you an email.
I asked Chuck Norris for a picture one time, he said no. Guess I should be happy to still be alive.

Hung out with Pat Green after a concert in Boise, ID in 2003. I thought he was a *****. He also went on about how he'd much rather live in Washington than Texas. Kind of ruined the whole "I like Texas" thing he had going on.
Somehow I always end up playing bar games with the (few) celebrities I have met. Played darts with Jimmy Fallon at Black Friar on a random Tuesday. He was unreasonably nice... just a cool guy.

Played pool with Chase Crawford against Miles Austin and one of Chase's buddies that I knew. Chase was a quiet guy and I didn't say much to him but Austin was a cool guy. Kind of goofy and socially awkward actually.
great thread
Forgot about these...

Add Anne Hathaway to the list of super cool/nice celebrities. I did a shoot with her and a photographer named Patrick Demarchelier, who Hathaway's character references in The Devil Wears Prada a couple of times as being on hold on the phone for Meryl Streep's character. Was kind of meta in a weird way, especially when Hathaway and Demarchelier started talking about it. She also complimented me on my taste in music in regards to the playlist I had going that day (I was usually the "on-set DJ" with my iPod).

The next day we shot with those two girls from The Hills, LC and Whitney, and they each came across as infinitely more entitled than Hathaway the day before, an A-list movie star. I wouldn't say LC was rude, but yeah, definitely entitled. She wanted a town car to pick her up and bring her to set, while Hathaway had driven herself. Needless to say, I'll never forgot how insecure a reality star came across in relation to a movie star, working with them on back to back days so close together.
I knew Bill Murray fairly well and played 18 with him. Very nice and thoughtful. In public, he is exactly what you'd expect. When he is out of limelight, he is just a quick, witty guy. Very devoted to his two boys.

Ate dinner with Hank Aaron and Tommy Lasorda on separate occasions. Both are nice guys. Aaron is very humble and gracious. Lasorda is cocky but cool. Also has the best, raunchiest stories and jokes.

Spent an afternoon with Sandy Koufax. Probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. Very engaging and really smart.

Spent an afternoon with George Brett and his brothers. Fun loving guys. I've heard some people say they're jerks. Not to me. They were cool dudes.

Some local sports guys. Steve Busby, Vince Controneo, Jim Sundberg, and Eric Nadel. Awesome dudes, nice to everybody. Mark McLemore is the best of the bunch. He would give you the shirt off his back.

Josh Lewin. Total d-bag. Completely unlikeable.

Troy Aikman, Tom Landry, Jason Garrett. All family men. Nice guys.

Ken Stabler - good dude

I know two people that went to high school with Jimmy Buffet. Both said independently that he was biggest jerk they've ever met. Surprised me.
Celebrities I've met that have been very cool:

John Paul Jones

Met Larry Bowa at the baseball winter meetings a few months ago in Dallas. He was kind of a jerk. I just went up to him to say hello as he was buying a beer. Didn't ask for an autograph, picture or anything and he acted like I was putting him out.
More nice athletes

I was fortunate enough to head up to the baseball HOF to see Nolan Ryan inducted back in 1999. It was really hot, and my BIL and I were walking around getting autographs while my sister sat it out at a shady table next to the Louisville Slugger store. I met Buck O'Neil, who was a great guy and just wanted to talk a bit. Very cool dude. Anyway, we walked back to where my sister was sitting, and she's chatting up an old man at the table with her. We walk up as she's talking, and she apologizes and introduces us to "Don".

Don Friggin' Larsen.

She's a sports obliviot, and I think Don Larsen was happy to talk to someone for a half hour without having to talk about his perfect game in the series. Nice dude.

Worst guy I met that weekend was Pete Rose. Just a jerk, but that was to be expected.
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