Would you like to buy a home on a prehistoric burial mound?

Survey of Native American burial ground in Round Rock uncovers remains of three people



Archaeologists who dug just a foot deep at a newly discovered prehistoric Native American burial ground in Round Rock say they have found the bones of three people, a flint knife and a fragment of a dart.

KB Homes is continuing to build a subdivision on the rest of the 155-acre tract.
Bring it on ghost natives

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Caesar, beware the Ides of March.
i live on one in the hill country. it's no big deal. every now and then my daughter disappears at night but she's usually back by sunrise. sometimes they'll even open the windows for her so that things cool down a bit. they are almost like part of the family.
How does the transition to digital effect children trapped in televisions?
What's the difference between a "fragment of a dart" and "a stick?"
I believe family guy explored this very question
Those ****head indians didn't bury their amigos very deep.

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Meh. Give them some whiskey and trinkets, and they'll leave you alone.
The Indians lost. They need to get over the shot and get on with it.
I'd get rich letting people pay me to bury their pets.
I'd get rich letting people bury their own pets.
That's about a mile from my parents' house
The people in Europe and asia live on top of buried bodies by the millions, and it doesn't weird them out.
It would not surprise me, where the vast majority of people live is near or on top of an ancient burial site.

"It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man," Psalm 118:8.
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