ATTN: GB peeps

Now that I proved myself to be a man in the pic thread can I stop getting dick picks in my inbox?

Coogie doesn't mean I'm some middle aged woman preying on young men.....

[edit] yes undergrad was at UH

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I expect this to backfire.
Did you go to UofH or something?
Wait....stop getting dick pics? Does not compute.
I didn't see the pic.
You should rank all the said pics

GDmit aggroid
Coogies GB ***** ratings
I don't know what that filtered word is
P ness
Send me a pic of the Sloot. You promised me a pm and I never got it.
Forward them to me
Check ur inbox Talon, and other
Has anyone actually been sent another poster's pics without asking for them? It seems really bizarre.

I imagine that PMs are sordid hookup devices
No going to click on that aggroid.

I didn't see the pic.

It's in that pic thread, I left it up cause I just don't really care anymore so long as alderman davis doesn't try to skin me alive or compare me to porcelain again
Don't do it ryan! It's a trap!
I find this to be funny
Yes, swimmer. It happens.
Yes. Plenty of posters send unsolicited pics because this is the Internet and people are ****ing weird.
Don't do it ryan! It's a trap!

It is kinda tempting to see what sick **** he found.
Yes, swimmer. It happens.

sounds like an awesome story waiting to be told
I'll take over dick pic duties for Coogie. Because I'm a team player.
ooh ooh screenshot the wierdest PM (unsolicited or not) you've ever gotten (you can edit out the posters handle)

I'm fascinated.
Not opening that
But i delete the weird ones, swimmer.
Not playing that vine with a title like that
Swimmer needs to get stars so she can experience these as well
Its just a tranny, Murphy

Did he send the tranny vine to everyone?

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yes, and I fail to see how just a tranny isn't weird enough to not click?
yes, and I fail to see how just a tranny isn't weird enough to not click?

Its the internet. It could always be worse
ok bootsy
My favorite line from today's daily bull: "people will overreact to this because Internet"
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