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February 21, 2013
1on1: Post-game chat with Kelsey Bone
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photo: Matt Sachs, TexAgs
On what was going right for her against Ole Miss…
“I just wanted to be aggressive to the ball. I was very disappointed in myself after Monday night (against Kentucky). In that game, I took eight shots and had seven turnovers, and I felt like I was looking to pass a little too much. I know in order for this team to be successful, I need to do the best of both. Early on, they were doubling and tripling and I found my teammates, and then the single coverage came and I was able to score and get some offensive rebounds. I think I was just letting the game come to me and not being too tentative, but just being more aggressive tonight.”

On her teammates hitting shots when she is double and triple teamed…
“It’s very important. I think if the team is doubling and tripling me and I’m kicking it, and my teammates aren’t knocking down the shot, they aren’t going to stop doubling and tripling and I’m going to keep passing it. If someone is standing there wide open, I’m going to find them. When they knock those shots down, it forces a team to have to think and kind of pick their poison of which one to guard. We had to put that Monday game out of our head and we had to move forward. The biggest thing our coaches told us today was to focus on us and not worry about Ole Miss, and to be a better A&M today and leave everything on the floor.”

On the play of A&M guards Courtney Williams and Kristi Bellock…
“They are going to be crucial for us down the stretch, because a lot of times teams are going to leave them open at the high post. The old basketball rule is that against a zone defense, the middle of the paint is always wide open and that is kind of their area to roam. When they are knocking down shots, it’s just opening things up for everyone else and I think we can be really exciting moving ahead.”

On playing Vanderbilt on Sunday…
“Going on the road to Nashville and playing at Vanderbilt is really interesting because of the way their court is. The benches are on the baseline, so that’s going to be a little different for us. They have a great team, they’re probably the smartest coached and smartest team in the SEC, so they do so many great things. We’ll go back and break down the film of when we played them last time. That’s the beauty of it, we’ve already played them, so we know what works, what doesn’t work, and what we need to tweak. We’re just excited to get to play another game in the SEC.”

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