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January 18, 2013
Clay Travis weighs in on the Te'o scandal and more
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Notes from Clay Travis interview

* It’s hard to say if the Manti Te’o story is the craziest he has ever covered because there will always be crazy stuff that comes up. Imagine how much more intense and media driven the O.J. Simpson case would have been had Twitter and social media been around in the early 1990s. However, in this day and age, he can’t think of a weirder story than the Te’o case.

* The thing that makes the Te’o story so weird is all of the different sub-stories within the case. Between the Notre Dame aspect, if Te’o was involved in the hoax and the media’s failure to pick up on the hoax, there are so many subplots that make the story very intricate and interesting.

* If Manti Te’o ended up going to Utah, he believes that the hoax story never gets out. Notre Dame has had a lot of hoopla created by sportswriters over the years that build on the mythology that is Irish football, and because of that, a story like this makes headlines because of the Notre Dame factor. The fact that Notre Dame went 12-0 launched this story into the stratosphere.

* People like having an unveiling of the complete truth in stories like this, but he believes that this story is so intricate that everyone won’t ever know the entire truth behind the hoax. He also believes that Te’o and Notre Dame are both complicit to some degree. He doesn’t understand the motivation, or someone taking the time, to put on a hoax to this extent.

* If the person who created the hoax is so diabolical that they are capable of doing all the things that Notre Dame and Te’o would have the public believe, then he doesn’t believe that diabolical nature is being used in a way that makes sense. If someone is being diabolical to this extent, then normally they are looking for some type of payoff. However, there isn’t a real payoff that seems to be associated with the case, which is why the hoax is so weird.

* Notre Dame’s absolute connection and belief in Te’o is interesting. He doesn’t know why Notre Dame wouldn’t release the entire investigative file if they truly believe he is completely innocent. Te’o’s statement and Notre Dame’s hour-long press conference just isn’t enough to sell their side of the story 100%.

* If he could ask Te’o a question right now, it would be why Te’o never talked to her on Facetime or Skype. If someone is in a relationship with a girl, never speaking and never seeing the girl should immediately raise red flags. You would also thing that he would have visited her in the hospital as she was dying with leukemia. The whole story makes no sense and is very strange from nearly every angle.
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