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December 12, 2012
Domingo Bryant talks all things A&M, reminisces with Jackie
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Notes from Domingo Bryant Interview

* It is great to come back to Aggieland. He believes it is important for the current players to see the former players in person and vice-versa.

* It was a big deal to come in and play for Texas A&M as a freshman. Texas A&M is home.
* It is exciting to see all the new players and their impact on the team. 

* This past summer, his health declined. All of the support that the TexAgs community has given him has meant a great deal to him and his wife Dana. The prayers and thoughts got him through the tough times. 

* The excitement of this football season has also helped him find joy through hard times. As the season progressed, his health progressed. This is an exciting time to be an Aggie.

* The most memorable moment this season was the Ole Miss game because of the come-from-behind victory on the road. It was electrifying to watch. After the victory, he realized that this team was ready to play and win.

* The spotlight is on Johnny right now. He needs to keep a solid head on his shoulders because everyone is watching every move he makes. 

* Johnny Manziel progressed so much throughout this season. Johnny does not even know how good he can really be. It is his first season which means he played on natural ability. Johnny is a dangerous quarterback. 

* Kliff Kingsbury has a great relationship with Johnny. As a great quarterback, Johnny has a great coaching staff to keep him on track in the same way that Coach Jackie Sherrill did for Kevin Murray.

* It is tough for defensive units to cover someone like Johnny. It is even harder to prepare for him because he is the type of player you see once in a lifetime.

* Ricky Seals-Jones will make Johnny even more dangerous. With Mike Evans and RSJ on either side of him, Johnny has the potential to have an even more unbelievable season next year. 

* The Heisman is the most prestigious award in sports. Bringing the Heisman to College Station will do amazing things for Texas A&M and the football program.

* He faced Doug Flutie in 1982. Johnny does the same things that Flutie did on the field, except he is much faster. Comparing Johnny to other players is great, but he needs to have his own identity. 

* Nick Saban coached Domingo when he was playing for the Oilers. He was a great coach and a motivator. 

Notes from Jackie Sherrill Interview

* Bryant weighed about 165 pounds when he came out of high school and turned into a great player even though he wasn’t a big-named five-star recruit.

* Bryant always had a smile when he played whether he knocked someone to the dirt or it was him getting knocked to the dirt. He was very infectious with the rest of the football team and had some great moments during his career in Aggieland.

* Over 25 years ago, Bryant was part of a great team that won the 1986 Cotton Bowl over Auburn. The best thing about that win was what it did for the Aggies in years to come. By winning the highest game a Southwest Conference team could play in, A&M was able to get out from under the thumb of Texas.

* The Wrecking Crew absolutely started with Bryant and his teammates. The defensive players at that time not only had fun, but they served as a testament to being successful if you play every snap like it’s your last. The kids on that team out-toughed and out-hustled the teams that they played.

* You can’t put what winning a Heisman trophy means into words. Financially, you’re looking at hundreds of millions of dollars in benefit to the university. Johnny Manziel is living the dream right now, and he may not wake up for a long time. The coaches this year are giving the players something more than X’s and O’s, and that is evident in their level of effort this season.
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