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The Sights of Kyle: Highlights from Texas A&M vs. Florida

September 8, 2012

TexAgs.com media director Clay Taylor produces a highlight package from each and every Aggie Football game. Here are a few sights from Kyle Field in Texas A&M's three-point loss to Florida on Saturday.
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The Sights of Kyle: Highlights from Texas A&M vs. Florida

Wow, badass highlights!!!!!!! Has the quality of an NFL films production. Man, I really wish the Ags had not ran out of time and won this game.
That's a pretty awesome video.
Very nice!
Very well done. If only we hadnt run out of time.
Looks amazing! Any chance we caught the new intro on film. I haven't seen it but rumor has it that it was cool.
Proud of the slow mo camera eh? Looks like you might need to learn how to focus it though. I particularly like the sharp focus on the top of the refs hat while a blurry white blob "possibly" tosses a coin or something. Still enjoyed these highlights better than the actual game, it still smarts.
that was awesome. a little disappointed the last ''highlight'' was johnny getting sacked.
This is a terrible "Highlight" video. Manziel getting sacked is a highlight?
Im impressed with the quality but not the actual so to speak highlights! Johnny football getting sacked...shouldnt be dubbed a highlight. But I understand you gotta work with what you got
I can get used to watching these on Mondays. Maybe too much slow-mo.
Guys...Clay's video was meant to tell the story. And there was good, bad and a lot of pageantry. And that's exactly what he showed.
Excellent video. Outstanding job again staff!
Right on gabe. I thought it did a phenomenal job telling the story. Would have loved to see Malena trucking that LB though
I saw several holds and blocks in the back by Ags - glad they weren't caught during the game...

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