Sumlin descends on St. Pius/Sealy game Thursday Night

September 7, 2012

A&M Head Coach Kevin Sumlin made a surprise appearance at the St. Pius/Sealy football game on Thursday night in Houston, showing up in a maroon helicopter and landing just outside the stadium.
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who drove the A&M golf cart all the way to Houston? SWAGGG..

I fly, make sure my golf cart is there when I land.
There for RSJ i bet. He'll be a sip.
Kohl Stewart played on the other side of the ball. Great game....was on TV. Stewart's arm is a rifle and if RSJ did not have to play at QB for his team then his play at receiver would have been wonderful. Both great kids and players.....
****ing awesome.
He was there to send a message to anyone watching that game on national television. Great move.
Maroon Sky! WHOOP!
Wait, who got out first after the pilot...McKinney? Guess it would be since he's head recruiting guy.
RSJ is obviously a great athlete. He does not have a lot around him, at least not anyone approaching a similar level of talent. He could be a real asset at a number of positions in football, or for our basketball team. It is hard to imagine that Stewart will not sign a huge baseball contract, but if he decides to go to college it will be huge for us.
Stewart has been saying, including his parents, that he is going to A&M. If I remember correctly he is a legacy kid, but we'll see once the offers start rolling in. He could use him on the pitching staff right away.
Kevin is a bad a$$. This is awesome!
Maroon One
Maroon One plus one
He needs to get a JetPack!!
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