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WAC Commish joins TexAgs to talk A&M/La Tech postponement

August 29, 2012

Notes from Jeff Hurd interview

* He understands that there is a passion for college football, especially A&M football, and that there was going to be some level of disappointment that would go along with the decision to reschedule the A&M/Louisiana Tech game. The biggest misconception out there is that the conference office had anything to do with postponing the game. The conference does not govern nonconference games, however they were in contact with Louisiana Tech about the possibility of moving the game. In these scenarios, the ultimate decision is made by the home school with consultation from the opponent. Given the information that Louisiana Tech had, he would agree with the decision to move the game because the safety of everyone traveling to the game is of utmost importance.

* Now having to play 12 games in 12 weeks is a tough deal for both teams. He doesn’t think that either coach or school wants to play 12 consecutive games. If you look at it from an underdog standpoint, Louisiana Tech wanted to play this game this week instead of during the meat of the season. Moving the game to October 13th is not ideal, but it happened to be the date that was available. The conference office did not make a recommendation to Louisiana Tech on whether or not to play the game. That was a decision made by the two schools.

* He has no idea how on board A&M’s administration was with moving the game to October 13th. He had no contact with A&M, and only was in contact with Louisiana Tech during this issue. He spoke with Mike Slive a couple of times yesterday, but that was more to just keep each other up to date with the ongoing conversations he had with Louisiana Tech. He does not believe that either conference had any say in the final outcome of moving the game to a later date. Louisiana did look into playing the game on Saturday in Shreveport, but another game scheduled in the Independence Bowl kept them from being able to do so. They looked into the possibility of pulling a double header, but there were some other issues involving hotel rooms that hindered the process.

* ESPN was informed that there was a possibility of the game being postponed, but they did not factor into moving the game. The decision was made by the host institution, with consultation from the necessary individuals from different entities like the City of Shreveport and Texas A&M.

* He did not know if there was a possibility of moving the game away from Shreveport and where that would fall into the discussions. He does know that when the game was first scheduled, the agreement stated that the game was to be played in Shreveport and not in Ruston. Whether the conversation was held as to move it to Ruston or not, he does not know.

* He can’t respond to the question of, ‘Why wasn’t this game moved to later in the weekend, while other teams were able to reschedule for Saturday?’ because he doesn’t know the logistics behind each of those decisions. He does know about the UTSA game being rescheduled, but that was taking place in a different geographic location which changes things up a bit.

* He’s not the person to ask about why there are no refunds on tickets that were sold for the game. He was not involved in that discussion, and that is more of a question for Louisiana Tech Athletic Director Bruce Van De Velde.

* His guess is that neither school wanted to postpone the game at all. They were expecting over 40,000 people to attend the game, and for Louisiana Tech, that’s huge. Any game against an SEC school is huge, especially when it’s basically a home game. The decision to move the game was not done lightly, and was based on some pretty good information gathered by Louisiana Tech.

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WAC Commish joins TexAgs to talk A&M/La Tech postponement

Nice to clear up some of the process on how canceling and rescheduling/moving the game works, although that's pretty basic. I'll look forward to the interview with the AD's.

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