TexAgs Exclusive: Chancellor John Sharp

June 22, 2012

TexAgs' co-owners Billy Liucci and Hunter Goodwin sat down for an exclusive interview with A&M chancellor, John Sharp, in which he discussed A&M's new biotech grant, his first year on the job and more.
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TexAgs Exclusive: Chancellor John Sharp

So we already sell over 100k, huh? Where the hell have they been hiding??
Excellent interview. John Sharp's leadership with Bowen and support and money for the legislature headed by Rick Perry has started to produce results that will continue to make A&M a unique and special place.
What I took away from this.

1.) Johnson & Johnson
2.) Pfizer
3.) GlaxoSmithKline
4.) Abbott
5.) Merck
6.) Wyeth
7.) Bristol-Myers Squibb
8.) Eli Lilly
9.) Proctor & Gamble
10.) Amgen

If these 10 companies combined don't help with $100 million of Kyle Field over the next 30 years through corporate luxury suites and use of a top of the line banquet facility, we have made a huge mistake.
Thanks for content. Good information.

Not sure how many interviews Hunter has done, but he comes across as a pro.
Hey interviewers...did you ask him about the "we already sell 100k" line...what was that all about? Or did he have too much scotch for lunch that day??
West point - I think he meant that, in his opinion, we could already sell 100k tickets based on the fact that we are currently sold out and we will have a significantly increased interest from SEC teams traveling in.
Watchole is correct, i believe he was stating that we already have the demand for 100k plus more fans traveling from the SEC
He says "best in Texas" way too much for someone claiming that we are going on to compete on every level with the best schools across the nation. Makes me think he wants to turn us into a regional school again like Perry wants. You should want to be the best school academically and athletically in the country, not just better than UT.

He also said, a couple of times, that our competition is no longer in the state of Texas.

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Fantastic interview. I really appreciated getting a glimpse of "the bigger picture" on each of the items yall discussed. It was also fun getting to hear a little of his personal opinion. Thanks for putting this out for the "poors" to read.

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