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Burson: Now, it's personal

February 9, 2012

Larry Jackson is passionate about conditioning the Aggies for a new era in the SEC, writes 12th Man Magazine's Rusty Burson. Click here to get insight on Texas A&M's new strength and conditioning coach.
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Burson: Now, it's personal (Larry Jackson feature)

Great stuff, Rusty!
It’s time to eat. It’s time for this football team to fly around the field from start to finish. It’s time to bring back the swagger and the winning ways.

Let's get it done coach!
Great article
Go get 'em, Jackson.
Outstanding write up. Love Jackson's maroonblood background, never losing at Kyle, training under Mike Clark, work ethic and men-building attitude. I believe we will see great things on the field directly attributable to Jackson's investment in the players.


Chills, I'm starting to drink some Kool-Aid... I promised myself I wouldn't!
That article got me fired up. Hitting the gym after work today!
If you watched any of the UH Cougar games the last few years you saw that they were still going full steam all the way through the 4th quarter. This is what we can expect from the Aggies this fall. No huffin and puffin, just full steam ahead, ears pinned back, make the other team cry uncle football.

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My glass is full, I'm stirring, and about to take a big drink.....gig 'em coach Jackson.
I was a freshman in 1999. Coach Jackson had one of those personalities that made you feel like you could and would run through a brick wall if he asked you. Working with Coach Clark then was great experience for him. Those two guys are team builders and molders of men. Great to have him back where he belongs. Can't wait to see his efforts translate into results on the field.
"in four seasons as an A&M letterman, the Aggies compiled a 42-2-1 regular season record."

I was there for part of that. Damn those teams were good. Anybody know where to find videos of those teams from 86-94? Would love to watch some of those again.
Such a great article and I can't wait to see the results in the fall!

we good

we good o'rye

Had the pleasure of working along side him during the summer of 2008. In the short time I did, I can assure that everything in that article is 100% true. I'd say 95% of all UH football players were at EVERY SINGLE summer workout.

But like I've said on this website before, this isn't just good for football. The assistant staff he's going to have is going to move mountains for our entire athletic program.
Thanks for the great article.
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