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Hunter Goodwin goes off on 'the leak' and the Sherman firing

December 2, 2011

Gabe Bock, Billy Liucci and Hunter 'The Big Truth' Goodwin join forces each Friday. This week, an emotional Goodwin shares his opinion of the way A&M handled the Sherman firing, the leak to Kirk Bohls and more.
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Hunter Goodwin goes off on 'the leak' and the Sherman firing

I agree with Hunter! Way to go, man! I feel like the value of my Aggie Ring was reduced based on the MANNER of how this happened.

I still wear it proudly, but I will wear it more proudly when answers come out and people are held responsible in regard to this situation and HOW it occurred.

I want better than a 6-6 football team, but can't believe we would sink so low. Other heads have got to roll.
I think Hunter is overreacting a bit, but I do share some of his sentiments.
What data do you have to support that he is overreacting?
I agree that it should have been done without a leak but to say that BMB has no say moving forward in the hire is ludicrous. He has obviously never worked in a major business environment. Real world is that sometime your decisions get trumped by your boss. You move on and do your job. Hunter doesn't know what he is talking about.
No doubt it wasn't handled well, but it's a high profile job and it unfortunately goes with the territory. Hunter is overreacting.
My opinion of Hunter went down with the way he handled the whole gift certificate thing. It just recovered from that loss and reached a new all-time high after hearing him on the radio. Clearly, he's a very passionate dude and that's probably what got his dander up during the gift certificate thing.

More importantly, it sounds like he feels about A&M the way I feel. The way my family feels. He was so right on during this segment. Damn. We might need him running this place. He perfectly articulated what all Aggies should be feeling right now. Gig 'Em, Hunter.

"Texas - It's still America down here!"
Who was the rat?
What was the gift certificate thing?
Wow! to say hunter is fired up is an understatement....

But I agree with Hunter's line of thought.

Aggies don't behave in the manner he described... if being an Aggie means what I have always believed it to mean we don't do that BS.

Hopefully things in CS have not changed that much in the last 20 years and this is becoming the norm on campus.
I admire Hunter's passion and committment for A&M. The way Sherman's firing played out is embarrassing and like Hunter says it tarnishes the integrity and character of the institution.
There is a fundamental disagreement in the Aggie fan base of those who truly care more about core values and personal integrity versus those who are impatient and are extremely emotional about peer ridicule from a dissapointing season.

The administration is changing the culture of Texas A&M alright. Roll the dice and see what you get.

those who are impatient and are extremely emotional about peer ridicule from a dissapointing season.

You know what, you can have integrity AND have a winning football team. For 2-4 million bucks a year, that isn't too much to ask.
yeah, who does Hunter think was the snitch?
Relating to PSU????????

Hunter let his emotions get the best of him.

Agree with accountability being enforced with BOR, AD and Coaches alike, but wayyyy over the top.

Sherm is and was a great guy. Disagree with the way it went down, but support the decision.
Is Byrne the Snitch? He's given K. Bohls lots of stuff before. Bohls broke the story.
They handled it wrong with RC, they did it wrong with Coach Fran(even though I was not a fan of Francione), and now this.
You think Mr. Gene Stallings had a strong voice in this?
Byrne leaked it.

Byrne made the call.

Not sure why Hunter seemed to be sympathetic to Byrne at times...
I read Sherman's resume back in 2007 and A&M ever hiring him was a really stupid mistake.

I would never ever value Hunter's input again after he supported Sherman's hire.

The hurt inflicted on A&M nationally by this hire must never happen again.

I don't get any pleasure out of Humter getting his panties in a wad after what we are looking at for the past four and future five years of A&M's national embarassment caused by four years of Sherman poor coaching and five recruiting classes of worse recruiting each year that will affect A&M until 2015.

Put A&M first and personal agenda's second behind that when recommending coaches.

I understand that Goodwin has a personal relationship with Sherman, and that A&M could have handled it better, but he needs to realize that we live in an instant gratification society that craves it's information NOW. Also, if he thinks people don't get fired via impersonal letters, pink slips, emails, cell phone calls, third parties, consultants, etc. all the time, it's time for a reality check. At the end of the day, Sherman is a good guy whose career ended in an unpleasant way, but he's not the first to have that happen, and won't be the last.
The hurt inflicted on A&M nationally by this hire must never happen again

Oh, PUHLEEEEZ, you drama queens are a joke.

Sherman turned around a very bad situation at A&M. Recruited lights out from what we had. Built up a great offense and stockpiled some depth at least on that side.

Made progressive strides, and had a fairly impressive year 3. I'm p.o.'d as anyone, but he put us back in the limelight and got us to Top 10 after 3 years.

Squandered this year, and lost 5 games by total of 17pts or so.

But please, spare us the drama or just go slit your wrist, figuratively speaking.
If there is one person I completely agree with, its Hunter Goodwin. Right now, I'm ashamed to call myself an Aggie based on how this situation was handled.

For decades, I proudly wore my ring, and now would be embarrased to display it in public. What a disgrace this university's handling of Sherman has been. Sherman was a class act in every way, someone this university needs to model itself after. If anyone knows a return address to return my ring to, please post it as I no longer have a need for it.
Wow, content actually provided for free on TexAgs. Amazing. Thank you. Guess the reason being the desire to promote the position taken.
Preseason top 10 doesn't count. Handled poor but got to move on now.
Hunter, please tell us all how you, if you were AD, would have prevented all the leaks and what not in this day and age of twitter, blogs, internet, e-mail, txt msg., etc.

Really, I'd like to know EXACTLY how you would prevent all of that and control people who may, or MAY NOT work directly for you?

EDIT: Completely agree on how to handle the individual responsible for the leak, but once it's out, what do you do?

IMO the leak is what lead to the cell phone dismissal. Sherman probably heard things from people HE KNOWS in the AD office and called looking for the truth. Say that happens, then what?

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rho"aggie" - You know how I know you're not an Aggie? Go back to hornfans or whatever....

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Coach Sherman is a good man, a class act, and a great leader of young men. He deserved better than how this was handled. I always preach to my 11year old daughter about the traditions and values at TAMU. I teach her that we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our actions are representative of what we believe in at TAMU. It needed to be handled with the honor and respect Sherman brought and with the honor and respect we pride ourselves with.

For Hunter to be that emotional, I suspect there might be a little more to the story, which may or may not ever come out.

He didn't just complain about the one leak, he talked about someone being a "cancer" who had to be removed immediately to repair the situation. He also referred to Toole, and a pattern of behavior that created dysfunction.

If someone gets terminated in the near future, and he approves of the move, then we'll know who he was referring to.
As a combat veteran, I would fight alongside Hunter Goodwin.

As an Aggie, I would suggest that RHO"Aggie", should you actually have an Aggie ring you earned academically (making you technically an Aggie), you are no real Aggie and you should return it directly to the Alumni building and request they melt it down and take the resulting money and donate it to the 12th Man Foundation. Then, go back to failing at whatever it is that you are so good at failing at.
Shu2000 and Upgrayed. My the hostility. I assure you, I am an aggie. A&M Civil Eng. Undergraduate SMU Graduate MBA. Your baseless comments really give Texags a bad name and frankly are the reason I never post because I have to interact with idiots such as yourselves. Life is to short to spend it running into people like yourselves. A&M handled the situation poorly. End of Story. And yes, I feel disgraced to wear it. You can show it off all you want, don't care. Adios.

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MOVE ALONG PEOPLE, nothing here to see.

When RC inherited 5 future years of Jackies players and when they were gone broke the team to almost nothing. He was fired and some former players and/or cronies spent extended time to "get Fran" meddeling and making trouble with the younger players, etc. for years

Now Sherman leaves a worse squad with fewer signed top ranked players and 93 more lower ranked players than he inherited, check the record before they wipe it out, an almost complete bare cupboard. Some of the same meddelers and cronnies have set out to make trouble again for those that fired sherman maybe for years again.

Gig 'em Aggies

Firing Best thing ever for A&M in both cases but some people just have their panties in a wad and will now try to continue to make trouble for years, remember this.
I dont suppose you know how idiotic this firing and this thread make you look to the world.
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